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Sex and Chrome is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077.


Waves of pleasure cascade over my body, filling every pore of my being like ocean water through hot sand. More... I want more! How long I waited to feel his breath on my neck, his hands wrapped around my waist, his fingers caressing my lips. Our bodies are entwined in a primal dance, moving faster and faster to the rhythm of the creaking bed-springs, our skin bathed in flickers of neon. I can't hear myself moaning, but I must be since my throat is dry. I can't feel what my hands are doing, but the blood under my fingernails means I'm digging into his back. He's no longer kissing me, but nibbling, biting, pulling himself toward me harder, his control over me untamed, animalistic. It's so hot in the room that even his chrome is overheating, the bedsheets clinging to our sweat-soaked bodies...


Copies of this shard can be found in multiple locations throughout the game:

  • Can be found inside Clouds in Megabuilding H8, during Automatic Love.
  • During The Space in Between job - found on a hookah table in Fingers' office.
  • During the Disasterpiece job - found in the recreation room on level -1 of the abandoned power station.
  • During the Gimme Danger job - found inside the camera security room where you install malware. If you enter through the door, turn left and check the small container on the grated floor.
  • During the Belly of the Beast job - found on the control panel in the room you reach through a maintenance shaft after drilling the tunnel.