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Send in the Clowns is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


Shortly after completing Transmission, you will receive a text message from Ozob Bozo saying that he got your number from a friend and that they have a gig for you and that he will await your call.

After calling Ozob, he requests of you that you pick him up at the Cherry Blossom Market in Japantown, Westbrook. After picking up Ozob, he will instruct you to drive towards Urmland Street in Little China, Watson.

On arrival, Ozob will step out of the car to pick up "takeout" at a Chinese restaurant next to Misty's Esoterica. However, you will hear an explosion going off in the restaurant and Ozob stepping outside with several Tyger Claws on his tail. Help him neutralize the Tygers and speak to him for a reward and conclusions of the job.

Journal Entry[]

Ozob... Quite the name. Don't know why, but the sound of it gets creepy circus music stuck in my head. Maybe the dude was an acrobat or lion tamer or some shit. Never know in this city. And we won't know till we call him and find out.


  • Read the text from Ozob Bozo.
  • Call Ozob Bozo.
  • Park your car at the indicated location.
  • Honk.
  • Wait for Ozob.
  • Talk to Ozob.
  • Drive Ozob to Little China.
  • Wait for Ozob.
  • Defeat all enemies.
  • Talk to Ozob.



The title of this job comes from the song "Send In the Clowns" by Judy Collins, originally written by Stephen Sondheim for the musical A Little Night Music in 1973.