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Arasaka's Secure Your Soul program allows the richest of the rich to create a digital copy of their minds, which can be used to communicate with the land of the living after their death.

Secure Your Soul is a program helmed by Saburo Arasaka. It uses a modified version of Soulkiller to create digitalized personality constructs, which are stored inside the Mikoshi infrastructure. In secret, a new upgraded version is being worked on by Anders Hellman, with the aim to transfer these constructs in the form of an engram to a new host body through the Relic. The ultimate goal of the program is to achieve a form of immortality.[1][2]


It is revealed that Secure Your Soul labs are a dedicated subsidiary of Arasaka that specializes in personality and data extraction out of constructs belonging to VIP clients. According to Arasaka management, it is vital that personality extraction is kept a secret from clients that have signed up for the program.[3]

Known Clients[]

Clients of the "Secure Your Soul" program include politicians, celebrities, artists with cultural or economic influence, religious leaders, government members, businesspeople, members of the Arasaka Corporation, and others.[3][4]

Name Notes
Saburo Arasaka CEO of Arasaka
Leendert Tvagers[3] Politician, Writer
Thomas Bubenstein (Client no. 210)[5] Successful procedure, but not without issues.
Agnes Vatrie (Client no. 211)[5] Successful procedure, delayed.
Davide Pucci (Client no. 212)[5] Successful procedure, no issues.
Jack M. Stashak (Client no. 213)[5] Successful procedure, but sustained brain injury after equipment malfunction.
Anne-Marie von Gamroth (Client no. 214)[5] Sucessful procedure, no issues.
Lucas von Gamroth (Client no. 215)[5] First construct deleted after anomalies were detected. Second construct successful.
Edward Lawrence II (Client no. 216)[5] Client deceased due to possible circulatory/heart failure.
Eva Ferryman (Client no. 217)[5] Sucessful procedure, no issues.
Michael Christo (Client no. 218)[5] Construct quarantined after anomalies were detected.
Habib al-Moskin (upcoming client)[4] Regional Executive Director of Petrochem, Middle East Region
Mathew Monk, Jr. (upcoming client)[4] Hoffman Institute of Advanced Technology
Tina Caruso (upcoming client)[4] Biotechnica
Aligator Sally (upcoming client)[4] Cold Sun Entertainment
V Dependent (The Devil)