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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2020. For other uses, see Little China (disambiguation).

Night City Downtown Sector C4, also known as Little China, is a rundown, low rent district where the large majority of the Triads can be found. It is featured in the Pen and Paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Little China was a neighborhood of light commercial properties, retail shops, and apartment complexes to the eastward, between the central City and it's eastern waterfront. Some of the oldest buildings in Night City were found in this district, many dating back to before the inception of Richard Night's original urban plan. With the completion of the urban plan, the area known as Chinatown had been pushed steadily southward by encroaching development.[1]


  1. Night City Police Headquarters
  2. The Piper Memorial Sports Arena
  3. Club Atlantis
  4. Office Building (China Town)
  5. Highcourt Plaza Hotel
  6. Multilevel Parking Garage (China Town)
  7. Night City First National Bank
  8. Night City Transit Center
  9. Crestview Place
  10. Chen's Oriental Gardens
  11. Wu Chii Lee and Son's Apothecary & Yeh Ching Yah School of Martial Arts
  12. Ling Po Imports
  13. Red Door Inn
  14. Renta-Robo
  15. Aerocab
  16. Ling Husan's New China Pharmacy
  17. The Hong Kong Market
  18. Madame Lin's Massage Parlor
  19. The Toy Box
  20. The Silver Dragon
  21. Old China

Notable Residents


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