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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2020. For the location in Cyberpunk RED, see Old Bank Block.

Night City Downtown Sector B3, also known as Bank Block, is the financial district of the city containing banks, stock exchange and several high-class shops and hotels. Its is featured in the pen & paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


The Bank Block is the financial heart of the City. For while it's true that the corporations run the city; they couldn't do it without the aid of the banks.

It has been said that if the corporate center is the "brain" that runs the city, then the Bank Block must be the"heart". It pumps the stuff that keeps the brain functioning: cash.[1]


  1. 1st Citibank Tower
  2. The Fujiwara Bank Building
  3. The Night City Stock Exchange and Trade Center Building
  4. The Militech Corporation Night City HQ
  5. The West Plaza Executive Tower
  6. The Federal Building
  7. The Japanese Consulate
  8. The Ashcroft Hotel
  9. Ashcroft and Hammersmith Ltd
  10. Plaza Medical Services
  11. The Night City Medical Center
  12. Night City Technical College
  13. Safe Child

Notable Residents


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