Night City Downtown Sector A6, also known as the East Marina is the former shipping port for Night City, by the year 2020 it has become a hub of piracy and smuggling. It is featured in the Pen and Paper RPGs Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020.

Overview Edit

One of the older parts of the city, the East Marina was once the successful shipping port of old Del Coronado, with several piers that saw ships dock from as far back as the nineteenth century. In more recent years, as Night City expanded, the east marina docks have seen less and less use as the major port in the south of the city opened. By the 2020s it is still home to many mariners, small time pirates and smugglers who operate small time operations out of the sparsely used docks.

The local eatery, known as Joes Diner is the hub of the workmen in the east marina, as traditional diner with human staff, as opposed to robots, this area is devoid of any gang members who have been scared away by the hardened dockworkers. Several smaller offices are located here, including the regional office for the Stallion Slough Shipyard, the major shipbuilder in night city. Universal Export, a shipping consultancy firm operates out of the east marina, however it is rumored to secretly be a front for the British Army intelligence service.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Mountain Joe, the local labor union chief. A Competent union leader with a hatred of the corporations and their system.
  • Captain Comet, the night dispatcher at the Union Express courier service office. He treats his friends well and is a good source of information in regards to the shipping business.
  • Gina Josephson, a teenager who enjoys the local arcade. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the many various gangs of Night City, however she charges a high price for her information and skills.

Locations Edit

  1. Joe's Diner
  2. Pier Three Paradise
  3. Weird Stuff
  4. Universal Export
  5. United Express
  6. ILLW Hiring Hall
  7. Stallion Slough Shipyard
  8. Baltic Real Estate Co
  9. Lucky Barber Shop
  10. Eastern Star Novelty Co
  11. Prudhoe Pride Oil Co
  12. Reunification Hall and Social Club
  13. Arcade Arcade
  14. Good Night Rooms and Coffins
  15. Blue Light Special Sales
  16. Decker, Tanaka & Rogers

References Edit

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