Night City Downtown Sector A5, also known as the Upper Marina, is the former home of the rich and influentials luxury yachts but by the 2020s has turned into an industrial district with large warhouses housing a variety of legal and illegal items. It is featured in the Pen and Paper RPGs Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020.


The upper marina is part of the larger Night City Marina and was used primarily for private yachts, sailboats and small time fishing boats however by the year 2020 it had become less populized with the wealthy and wanna-bes and more with corporate warehouses. In its heyday the upper marina featured a ferry service with regular trips across the Del Coronado Bay to north oak and Westbrook, now the dilapidated docks look out over poluted dirty waters.

Many smaller corporate warhouses are situated in the upper marina, Donut Express Co, Big Blue Foods, Mustang Arms Co and ACME Distributers are some of the more notable businesses operating in the sector. The Night City DMV, which handles all ground and air vehicles, also operates out of the upper marina. A smaller company known as SensuTours, a travel agent, is secretly a front for Interpol, the European Economic Communities secret police. Real tour packages are rarely sold to the general public.

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Mehan Jones, the Harbormaster and captain of the Harbor Police. He has taken it upon himself to seperate the Harbor Authority and Police from the main Night City government to curb the corruption in harbor sectors.

Locations Edit

  1. C. Donut Express Co
  2. Big Blue Foods
  3. Osborne-Spielberg Publishing
  4. Chrome Cross
  5. Night City Today
  6. Servospiff
  7. Mustang Arms Co
  8. Acme Distributors
  9. Cleanroom
  10. 24 Hour Cafe
  11. SensuTours
  12. Harbormaster's Office
  13. American Bar
  14. Department of Motor Vehicles
  15. Medicross Preservation

References Edit

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