Night City Downtown Sector A4, also known as the Upper Eastside is a failing part of the downtown area infested with gang members and corps alike. It is featured in the Pen and Paper RPGs Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020.

Overview Edit

Originally a nice and safe area of the city, due primarily to the close proximity to the city center municipal buildings and the NCPD, the Upper Eastside has been in decline by the year 2020. Many residents relied on the nearby corporations to ensure the streets were clean and safe, however many gang affiliated businesses moved into the area. Looking to capitalize on the central location within the downtown area, they set up shop and operated during the nights, out of the spotlight of the corps. The floodgates opened and many more boostergangs entered the sector.

One such business that moved into the area was the Slammer, a punk rock club that has taken over considerable real estate in the area. The club attracts all sorts of undesirables such as gang members and solo's. Another similar business known as the Metalstrom attracts chromer gangs and is controlled by the gang known as the Back Alley Brawlers. Other business such as Barstow Enterprises - a trucking firm, CINEmaXUS - an old fashioned cinema and the Night City Fire station call this sector home.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Suds Joliet, the owner of the Slammer. Former singer turned business owner, he runs the punk rock club the slammer, where he puts on up and coming acts. He also organises sanctioned fights, for gang members to settle their differences
  • P.L. Ellison, an entertainer that puts on his show from the Cafe Chrome. A Former writer for a music magazine, he changed direction to host his own show Style and Substance every Wednesday night. He mostly does scripted interviews with celebrities, but is known for going off-script.

Locations Edit

  1. Allworld Insurance
  2. Aquadynamics
  3. The Slammer
  4. Barstow Enterprises
  5. Metalstrom
  6. Kitty Liquor
  7. Mitifer Warehouses
  8. Metal Heavan
  9. Deskmate Corp
  10. Windemere's
  11. NNews
  12. Cafe Chrome
  13. ALL-RX Drugs
  14. Systems Original
  15. CalBank Building
  16. Delany Transport Plaza
  17. Parkinson's Place
  18. CiNEmaXUS Theatre
  19. Global Foods
  20. Modern Office
  21. The Advocet
  22. The Havenford Hotel
  23. EuroBank 1
  24. Night City Firestation #1
  25. Long Last Books
  26. StreeTemps

References Edit

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