Night City Downtown Sector A3, also known as the City Center is the hub of Night City, where the government is based and where the mayor makes decisions that will affect its five million or so inhabitants. It is featured in the Pen and Paper RPGs Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020.

Overview Edit

The City Center district is the heart of Night City's government and where the democratically elected mayor is seated, or it would be if the mayor was not a puppet for the corporations, who look down on district A3 from their fortress like skyscrapers. Located in northern downtown, it borders the Northwest District to the west, the corporate districts to the south and the upper eastside. Several small-time gangs operate within its borders, one such being the Sacred Blades, who feud with neighbors, the Slaughterhouse.

The City Center is home to many of the city's municipal buildings such as the City Hall, Court House, the library and museum. Also located in this sector are several business centers, banks, restaurants such as La Croix and the NCART City Center Station

Notable Residents Edit

  • Mbole Ebunike aka Judson Freeman, the mayor of Night City. A Former puppet of the corporations he changed his name and has started working against the megacorps in hopes of turning the city around.
  • Garven Haakensen, the Assistant Mayor of Night City, ambitious and deadly, he has his eyes on the mayors seat and has many contacts with criminals and corps alike.

Locations Edit

  1. Night City, City Hall
  2. Night City Justice Court
  3. Night City Museum
  4. Burroughs Municipal Library
  5. Marcini's
  6. Grandmill
  7. Burleson Tower
  8. Zenger's Electronics
  9. Wing Chang "Sustenance of the Emperors"
  10. The Holy Church of God
  11. La Croix
  12. The West Block
  13. Fantasy Unlimited
  14. Puddleforge's
  15. Revere Courier Service
  16. The Del Coronado Bay Journal
  17. Meridian Square
  18. FutSure
  19. The Hole
  20. Merill, Asukaga & Finch Business Center
  21. The Demitrov, Koski, Pang & Lo Law Complet
  22. NCART City Center Station
  23. Bay Area Savings and Loan Building

References Edit

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