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Night City Downtown Sector A2, also known as Northside is a dangerous gang affiliated part of Night City. It is featured in the Pen and Paper RPGs Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020.

Overview Edit

The Northside borders Little Italy, the corporate districts and and the city center districts, yet its heavy with crime and gang violence. During the early 2000s it was known as one of the worst areas for gang violence and was responsible for 40% of the gang related crime in downtown Night City. The major gang in the area is known as the Slaughterhouse and are regularly fighting with the Sacred Blades of the city center.

Many small and local businesses have thrived in the area of Northside regardless of the local gangs. The Fax-Press office produce several nationwide magazines and have round the clock private security. The traditional Roman Catholic Holy Angels Church, which offers mass, a shelter for the homeless as well as free meals.[1]

Notable Residents Edit

  • Janet Demaine, the VP of Recording systems and is responsible for scouting many young talented artists
  • Dillon Murphy, an Irishman with a mysterious past, he is known as the White Knight of Night City, for his protection of the downtrodden, particularly pretty redheads
  • Father Kevin, the priest of the Holy Angels Church, a former mercenary that now settles gang disputes with diplomacy, rather than through the barrel of a gun
  • Ed Fillet
  • Lisa Harris
  • Millie O'Keefe
  • Killigre
  • Liz Borden

Locations Edit

  1. The Wildmark
  2. Meratis Warehouse
  3. Fax-Press
  4. Holy Angels Church
  5. The Range
  6. O'Flaherty's Tavern
  7. The Taira Apts
  8. Corrigian' Market
  9. The Taco Hut
  10. The Shooting Gallery
  11. Deveron Showroom
  12. Deveron Showroom
  13. The Ron Walker Showroom
  14. The Ron Walker Showroom
  15. The Sandorf Hotel
  16. The Pit
  17. The Uptown Mall
  18. Night City Technical Exchange
  19. Everything and More
  20. The Renwald Plaza
  21. Dynalar Technologies
  22. Security Specialists Inc.
  23. Recording Systems
  24. Parking Garage
  25. Fury Sound Audio Electronics

References Edit

  1. FISK, C. Night City Sourcebook. 1st ed. Berkeley CA: R.Talsorian Games, 1991 (pg.62-67)
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