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Sebastian Ibarra, also known as Padre, is a Fixer in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Padre is a former priest of the Valentinos, whom converted to a more noble calling after witnessing the bloodbath in Moto Cielo. He highly respected and dangerous man that operates out of The Glen, Heywood.[1]

If V has the Streetkid lifepath:

V and Padre will be acquainted with one-another, with Padre knowing that V departed to Atlanta, their former home, to take case of some business. While conversing, Padre will offer V a ride, which they accept.
During the ride, Sam Carter, a 6th Street ganger, will threatens his bodyguard to pull over. After a heated conversation, Carter will reluctantly retreat, telling Padre and V to watch their backs.[2]
Shortly after, Carter and his associates were executed by Padre in Vista del Rey.[3]

Database Entry[]


Real name - Sebastian Ibarra. Formerly a priest in the Valentinos, but after the bloodbath in Moto Cielo he converted to a more noble calling - that of the fixer. He started out by lining up jobs exclusively for his people from Heywood and the Valentinos - later he even shook hands with the likes of 6th Street. Who knows, maybe it's because he softened up in his old age, or maybe it's because all gangs are equal in the eyes of God. Padre does things according to his own code of honor. He doesn't support any particular group or gang - his interests lie in maintaining the delicate balance of power in Night City.[1]

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  • Some of his gigs take place in City Center, which is Dino Dinovic's territory.
  • Padre originally sold vehicles to V in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • His appearance in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners resembles the concept art by Marek Brzezinski more than it does the in-game model; the anime version shares the forehead cross tattoo, lighter hair, and mustache style, among other things.
  • Padre is not a fan of Samurai.[4]