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Sasquatch's Hammer is an Iconic Hammer in Cyberpunk 2077.


A heavy-hitting two-handed melee weapon. Signature weapon of Animals boss Sasquatch.

Sasquatch's Hammer has an iconic modifier that adds a chance to 30% knockdown chance to Fast Attacks. This chance is increased to 50% on Strong Attacks. Due to the weights added to the weapon, its attack speed is reduced by 66%, but base damage is multiplied by 220%. It also adds 50% increased Armor Penetration.

This weapon is classed as a "Very Heavy" weapon, reducing movement speed and jump height, and prevents sprinting, dodging, and dashing while equipped.



  • Sasquatch's Hammer is the heaviest item in the game.
  • The hammer can be found in the area where you encounter Sasquatch. It is possible to loot the weapon while remaining stealthed. Sneaking up on Sasquatch and starting the fight with the special takedown, will prevent Sasquatch from using it. In any other instance, she will pick up the hammer and attack with it, and it cannot be looted until after the fight, unless she throws it using one of her special attacks or her rear weakpoint is destroyed making her drop the weapon.
  • This weapon was named Industrial Sledgehammer in the 2018 E3 gameplay video.