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Sasha Yakovleva[1] was a netrunner in Maine's crew of mercenaries.


Yakovleva was a young woman of average height and build. She had natural brown hair dyed black, cut in a practical yet tasteful angled bob with a straight fringe ending above her almond-sized, wide blue eyes with pink rings surrounding the pupils. She wore pink eyeshadow as well as a subtle lipstick. She had visible threading on her face, a pair of symmetrical lines forming equal signs.

She wore a sleek, form-fitting sleeveless bodysuit with a v-shaped neckline trimmed in cerise which leaves her thighs exposed, on which a single bright pink holster and a band fit snugly. She paired this with a cropped, high-collared baby pink jacket with sleeves ending above her elbows, decorated by subtle, white color accents. For footwear she wore a pair of bright pink sneakers as well as a white band around her left ankle. Her hands were white with black fingers, with her interface plug located in her left hand.


Yakovleva was the daughter of Galina Valieva and the younger sister of Stella Ramos.[2] Her mother died when she was a child because of the side effects of Biotechnica painkillers.[3]

In adulthood, Yakovleva became a part of Maine's crew of edgerunners as a netrunner alongside Dorio and Rebecca.[3]

One night, after getting drinks in the Afterlife, her crew was hired to infiltrate Biotechnica's Night City HQ to extract secret financial records on CHOOH2 and information on a new immunosuppressant prototype 0.091. After Maine set up a jammer on the building's communications, Sasha infiltrated into the facility.

After getting the information she was after, Sasha discovered confidential files on Securicine — the painkillers her mother used while she was sick. The main side effect of the painkiller included gradual neurodegeneration and, despite this being known, Biotechnica decided that Securicine was too profitable and would not be pulled from the market. Sasha, determined to do right by her mother, started to upload the entire Securicine database file to the Network 54 News tipline. The communications' jammer did not last that long, and Sasha was discovered, prompting a group of Biotechnica security robots to go to her location. She locked the door down and prepared a set of explosives. Maine tried to contact her, but knowing she was not going to go back, Sasha cut off the connection line with her crew. Once the security breached the door, Sasha held down the line while making sure the information got sent. Although she managed to complete the upload, Sasha got shot through the window, and the explosives she had set got activated, destroying the office she was in. Maine found her body after caving in the roof of a pedestrian's Chevillon Thrax.[3]

Sasha would later get replaced by Kiwi as the crew's main netrunner.[4]


Cyberware 2x Cyberarms (2x Rippers), EMP Threading, Neuroport (Cyberdeck Port (Cyberdeck chip))
Weaponry M-76e Omaha
Misc. Handheld Cyberdeck



  • Sasha was inspired by Suzi Hunter.[6]
  • Sasha shares the same surname as Russian singer "Olga Vitalevna Yakovleva" (Russian: Ольга Витальевна Яковлева), better known as Origa, who rose to prominence for her musical collaborations in Japan, especially her work for the Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. franchise. Olga sadly passed away from lung cancer on January 17th, 2015.[7] It's possible that Sasha is a nod to the singer and to Ghost in the Shell (G.I.T.S) protagonist Motoko Kusanagi, who in various iterations of G.I.T.S has exited through the window in similar fashion to Sasha.
    • Origa performed the opening theme song for the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.


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