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Disambig This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2077. For what it was called before, see Heywood (RED).
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Santo Domingo is one of Night City's oldest districts. Corporations use it as a testing ground for industrial projects, destroying old factories just to build new ones, while residents scrape a desperate living in crowded megabuildings — wishing for something better.

The Santo Domingo District is one of the six districts of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, and widely known for being the more industrial one.


This district originates from the old Heywood, which by the 2040s was already being called Santo Domingo.[1] As such, it is one of the oldest districts in Night City. Due to its location, the district avoided any major damage from the 4th Corporate War. It turned into a provisional camp for thousands of citizens seeking shelter. By 2077, the settlements were all gone and Santo Domingo had become a testing ground for industrial projects; corporations destroy old factories, only to build new ones in their place.

Meanwhile, residents seek a desperate living in the crowded megabuildings - hoping for better things to come. It didn't take long for a couple of ex-military veterans to group together and take matters into their own hands. The district then became home to the 6th Street Gang.

Arroyo is the industrial heart of Santo Domingo. This region of contrast you can find an old power plant and junkyard right next to newly built high-tech corporate factories. Operational factories keep their own private security, as neglected buildings quickly become controlled by the gangs.

The workers from Arroyo then return home to Rancho Coronado - a self-sufficient housing district with dozens of identical homes. This neighborhood is reminiscent of the traditional American homes of the early 20th century.

Database Entry (2077)[]

Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo is one of Night City's oldest districts. Luckily, its location meant it avoided the worst damage from the 4th Corporate War, though the tens of thousands of Night Citizens deprived of their homes still built provisional camps and settlements. Today, no trace of them remains - Santo Domingo has instead become an industrial hub with an abundance of enterprises and manufacturing and power plants. Corporations are in constant battle over influence in the district - real estate changes hands, new businesses pop up and old businesses fall. Meanwhile, construction sites are guarded by combat troops guarding corporate property and secrets, though often they serve as law enforcement in cases when a company shuts down and fires all its staff (mostly around Rancho Coronado), raising the risk of riots.[2]


CP2077 Santo Domingo Map

Map of Santo Domingo.

Behind the scenes[]

Towering megabuildings containing tens of thousands of tiny apartments; in their shadow, a failed attempt to create a suburban utopia of single-family dwellings. Stark contrasts mark every corner of Night City, but few are starker than Santo Domingo's. Here verticality abuts sprawl, factories and power plants sit right next to supposedly idyllic residential neighborhoods and the whole urban planning concept of separate functional zones is flipped the bird. Santo Domingo is something like your trashy cousin's backyard, full of broken-down pickups and moldy garden gnomes. It is a district that has undergone constant change. It's cheap land where every mad scheme gets a shot, then is swept clean to make way for the next one.




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