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Sandra Dorsett is a corporate netrunner and employee of Night Corp.


Sometime around April 2077, Sandra was captured by Scavengers; her Biomonitor muted by a jammer chip forced into her neuroport, leaving Trauma Team unaware of her condition. Jackie Welles, T-Bug, and V infiltrate a Scavenger den to find her floating in an ice-filled bath. V acts quickly to remove the chip and proceeds to lift Sandra from the tub, sending her into cardiac arrest, and forcing the team into a frantic attempt at treatment with an airhypo. In the meantime, Trauma Team arrives to take custody of Sandra, leaving V and Jackie on the balcony of the Scavs' apartment.[1]

Eventually Sandra makes a full recovery and returns to work at Night Corp, upon which it is revealed she had previously uncovered Night Corp's testing of an AI, discreetly stole the information, and kept it on a data shard that was lost during her kidnapping.

Wakako Okada reconnects Sandra with V, as someone with the necessary skills to recover an encrypted data shard. Sandra's requirements are simple - keep the data on the shard concealed, and ensure it is delivered to her promptly. As previously noted, the object of interest has fallen into the Scavs possession, the revelation of which causes Sandra to take pause, still suffering the trauma of events she is unable to fully remember. She will express genuine sorrow for the loss of Jackie should V confide to her about his fate during their brief holo call.[2]

Database Entry[]

Sandra Dorsett

At first glance, quiet, timid and cautious; at second glance, prudent and professional. She works a high-paying corpo job in an unspecified company - work she excels at. After hours she engages in unofficial netrunning for purposes known only to herself, a pastime she almost paid for with her life.


From scanning her Biomonitor Data Panel, players ascertain the following information:

  • ID: NC570442
  • Blood Type: AB RHD+
  • Membership: Platinum

Associated Quests[]

Associated Shards[]

Humans of Night City[]

Humans of Night City — Sandra Dorsett


Never considered myself the lucky few. Studied hard when I was a kid. Been workin' hard since I joined the corpo. Guess I'm the kind of person who radiates peer pressure. Not gonna apologize for that, sorry. I even got my supervisor super competitive. He used to be choombae and all, faking up a big nice boss face, until he learned about my project. 'Cause it was a good project, 'cause we were making good progress. Local nursing homes need our AI to keep runnin', and the team was assigned to improve AI behavior to, and I'm quoting our PR here, "better support the elder citizen's mental well-being." He was tellin' me I "moved too fast", or I'd "overstepped". Pretty sure I hadn't, 'cause I freakin' love readin' NDAs — and dancin' around 'em. Note from Ziggy: Ditch this. Girl was kidnapped by the Scavs. Spiced up the content, but bossman killed it.[3]