Samurai is a legendary chrome-rock band featured throughout the Cyberpunk Series, for whom music was a way to rebel against corporations. They are featured in Cyberpunk 2077, where they are musically portrayed by real life punk band Refused.


Samurai started as a back-street band, playing in various bars and clubs around Night City, such as the Palladium, Destiny, Nexus or Rainbow Cadenza. One night in 2003, after playing in the Cadenza, the band was approached by a blitzed 'dorpher, who offered to sign them after witnessing their impressive act; this man turned out to be none other than Jack Masters, an executive at Universal Music. Within three weeks, Samurai was signed, had a record in production, and was preparing to tour every major city in the world. It took only these three weeks for their first single, "Blistering Love", to achieve #1 hit on the EuroRadio charts, which they followed up with their debut album.

Samurai split up in 2008 when Nancy (keyboardist) went to jail for seven months for throwing her abusive husband out of their 83rd story apartment window. The rest of the band firmly supported Nancy, but the seven months were proof that the members were all moving in different creative directions. Henry (bassist) went to work on a human interface prototype, and Denny (drummer) joined a band called Mastermind. Nancy later changed her name to Bes Isis, and went on to become a major media presence on N54 News. Johnny Silverhand and Kerry Eurodyne went on to have successful solo careers, often touring together as a double ticket.[1][2]


Main members

  • Johnny Silverhand - vocals and lead/rhythm guitar (2003 - 2008, 2020 - 2023)
  • Kerry Eurodyne - vocals and lead/rhythm guitar (2003 - 2008, 2020 - 2023, 2077)
  • Nancy - keyboard (2003 - 2008, 2077)
  • Denny - drums (2003 - 2008, 2077 dependent)
  • Henry - bass (2003 - 2008, 2077 dependent)

Last gig members

  • V / Johnny Silverhand - backing vocals and lead/rhythm guitar (2077)
  • Drausin - bass, drums (2077)



Title Year
Blistering Love[3] 2003
Chippin' In[3][4] May 19, 2020


Title Album Year
Dissolute Game Blistering Love 2003
Seven Virtues Blistering Love 2003
Blistering Love[1] Single; Blistering Love[3] 2003
Hostility, Brutality Blistering Love 2003
Cyber Sexcapades Blistering Love 2003
Titanium Skin Blistering Love 2003
Five Rings Blistering Love 2003
When Love Runs Low Blistering Love 2003
Binocular Eyes Blistering Love 2003
No Man Anymore Blistering Love 2003
The Ballad of Buck Ravers Single 2003
Black Dog Single ?
Archangel ? ?
Bleed the Beat ? ?
Iron Pump Chippin' In 2020
Cybercell Chippin' In 2020
My Marionette Chippin' In 2020
War Crisis Chippin' In 2020
Braindead Chippin' In 2020
Chippin' In Chippin' In[3] 2020
Black and Blue and Red Chippin' In 2020
Hell's Blade Chippin' In 2020
Too Much, Too Little Chippin' In 2020
The Hostess Chippin' In 2020
Drowning Call Chippin' In 2020
Metal Grave Chippin' In 2020
A Like Supreme ? ?
Never Fade Away Single ?

Associated Items in 2077

It's only natural that the hit band Samurai would have merchandise, to help their eager fans start "the revolution." These of course being the various items that can be encountered and/or equipped by V in Cyberpunk 2077.




  • In the Never Fade Away mini adventure featured in Cyberpunk 2013, it is reported that Samurai re-unite for a one-off concert to cover the assault on the Arasaka facility to rescue Alt. As none of the other members are mentioned, it can be assumed this was a mistake and Johnny played a solo show.
  • In Cyberpunk 2077, V can choose one of the Samurai songs - Chippin' In, Never Fade Away or Archangel - to play for Kerry in the mission Holdin' On.
  • In Cyberpunk 2077, Samurai is portrayed by Refused, a Swedish hardcore punk band originating from Umeå.


  • Despite the band being named Samurai, the logo is actually that of an "Oni" which is a kind of yōkai that appears in Japanese Mythology. The Oni mask that would cover someone's face fully were not as popular with samurai as the menpo which covered the lower half of the face.
    • Oni (Japanese: 鬼 or おに, meaning "ogre, demon") are monstrous horned humanoids who are found in countless Japanese stories and myths. They tend to be the enemies of mankind, and are generally depicted as roguish villains.
  • The oni-shaped logo is reminiscent of Japanese Skinhead/J-pop band Goushi.



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