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Sacrum Profanum, alternatively titled Losing My Religion, is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


At Cargo Bay, you encounter a monk who is fully cybered up and is in serious distress about it. After speaking with him, you discover that he and his brother were taken captive by Maelstrom and were forced to have Cyberware installed, which is against the religion that the monks follow. Maelstrom let him go, but his brother is still in captivity.

The monk asks you for your help, and directs you to a nearby Abandoned Warehouse surrounded by shipping containers. There are several Maelstrom goons that need to be taken out, but the monk would appreciate it if you could avoid killing them. The best way to do this is through stealth nonlethal takedowns, although a good nonlethal weapon can do in a pinch if you get discovered.

When you arrive at the warehouse, you spot several possible ways of entry;

  • A grate on the south side of the building that can be opened with Technical Ability 7.
  • Climbing the containers at either the northwest or southeast side of the building to sneak past the enemies.
  • By simply walking inside through the front gate (this method will instantly alert the enemies).

Once inside, neutralize the enemies by your method of choice and approach the Monk to speak with him and set him free. Note that the Monk is a neutral NPC, so he can die if you are not careful. Also note that to the left of the monk there is an Iconic M221 Saratoga named Fenrir.


Journal Entry[]

Among the handful of things that really piss me off, I'd say pickin' on the little guy for funsies is pretty high on my list. If I could save this monk and scrap a few tinboy Maelstromers along the way, I'd say sign me up. If you feel the same - and hurry your ass up - maybe you can even still save the guy.


  • Save the monk.
  • Defeat the gangoons.
  • Talk to the monk.


  • This job can be failed if the player takes too long to complete it after being started, however the Iconic weapon reward can still be recovered from the warehouse.
  • Both brothers are simply referred to as "bikkhu", the Pāli word for monk or beggar.
Two bikkhus from Sacrum Profanum

The two bikkhus meditating at Cherry Blossom Market after the mission

  • If you managed to save the monk, you can meet both of them sometime later in at the Cherry Blossom Market near Jig-Jig Street in Japantown near the large statue and talk to them a bit more. They will offer their views on digitizing a person. In essence, they say if a perfect copy of a person can suffer, then it is a real person. V can then ask Johnny for his opinion, whether he is a copy or the real Johnny Silverhand. He replies with "Well, if the real Johnny Silverhand is dead, then that's his problem, not mine." After talking to them and leaving the area, the monks will not be there anymore when V returns to the location.
  • The saved monk will deliver a different dialogue depending on whether gang members were killed or incapacitated.


  • Sacrum Profanum is a musical festival held in Kraków, Poland.
  • The alternate title of the job comes from the R.E.M. song Losing My Religion.
  • Both brothers are simply referred to as "bikkhu", the Pāli word for monk or beggar.