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Sabre grew up in the wreckage of Seattle's suburbs. When she was five, her parents sold her to a ripperdoc for dorph money. She would have been chopped up for commercial parts, but fate stepped in—the doctor who bought her didn't know the area well, and while driving home, he was carjacked under the freeway. The boosters didn't even notice her in the burning car. Miles from home, Sabre escaped the wreck and wandered the streets, joining the extensive homeless colonies under the highway.

Sabre was "adopted" by a local juvie gang in central Seattle. She learned how to fight and kill, how to bleed, how to take a beating and how to dish one out Her de facto brothers and sisters taught her the lessons of cruelty and Misted camaraderie. By her twelfth birthday, Sabre had been arrested dozens of times, but she never served more than a couple of months at a stretch, if any time at all. She returned to the streets every time.

When Sabre was 16, her gang assembled in the Seattle Heights, where they met in combat with their longtime rivals. The fight lasted seven minutes. men the smoke cleared, most of Sabre's comrades were dead or dying. Badly injured and jacked up on combat drugs, she took off, killing rivals left and right as she fled.

Sabre tried various times to get off the street, but not even the Seattle PD would have her. C-SWAT was training, but she wasn't that crazy yet, and the military was out of the question - they had just gotten their asses kicked in Venezuela. Inevitably, she sank into the niche of the classic street samurai.[1]

Operating Style[]

Since then, Sabre has performed hits robberies, escorts, sabotage, extractions, and a host of other jobs. She is strictly a free lancer, accepting cash or the equivalent Euro, weapons, skill chips, the newest combat drug, whatever—make her an offer she thinks matches the job, and she's yours (although she's not getting any more cyber if she can help it—unless reeeally chill stun.

Sabre doesn't sleep around, go out on dates, dance, sing, smile, or do anything else remotely fun. During downtime, she either drinks, does drugs, watches the holovid, or plays arcade braindance games for cash (the local bookies give her good odds). She despises the party culture of 2020 and tolerates it only because that's her hiring hall. She knows how to show respect for prospective employers, how to talk the street, and how to act in public, but that's about it Sabre is not the typical "iceman." She does not relish or regret killing, nor does she live for the "rush" of combat She feels neutral about her job, just as she feels neutral about everything she does: It is something she does because she has to, and that's it After years of drugs, abuse, and gang life, Sabre no longer bothers to read to anything beyond the basic human responses. If asked, she feels, 'fine, I s'pose."[1]


INT: 6, LUCK: 6, BOD: 7, TECH: 3, ATT: 7, Rep: 3, REF: 9, EMP: 5, COOL: 8, MA: 6[1]


Combat Sense +5, Awareness +6, Pistol +7, Brawling +7, Melee +5, Rifle +5, Athletics +7, Streetwise +5, Stealth +6, Intimidate +5, Shadow/Ditch +4, Resist Torture/Drugs +4, Wardrobe/Style +2, Drive +3, Braindance +5[1]


Basic Processor w/lnterface plugs (Smartgun link), Kerenzikov Boost (1 -level), Right Cyberleg (w/HOL, REAL, ARM options); Left Cyberleg (w/STR, REAL, ARM options)[1]


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