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SM-Dragon is a helicopter introduced in Chromebook Volume 1 and then revised in Maximum Metal.

Chromebook Volume 1 Description[]

Following a design philosophy dating back 40 years, the SM-Dragon brings thirty troops and devastating firepower to the battlefield. And brings it quickly. This huge helicopter travels at 350mph when fully loaded! A salvo from a Dragon can cool off the hottest LZ. Rockets, miniguns, grenades, and machineguns add up to the deadliest helicopter in the world.

Game Notes: the Dragon is the most dangerous thing most Cyberpunk players will ever see. Use it as you would a real dragon—to kill big things and frighten small children. The Dragon's top speed unloaded is 420mph. It is armored to an SP of 90 and has 400SDP. Hard To Kill. Its armament is colossal (choose any 8 heavy weapons from the Solo of Fortune and Cyberpunk books to arm it). Use it for destroying whole city blocks.

Original Spec Any heavy weapon from Solo of Fortune and Cyberpunk books.[1]

Maximum Metal Description[]

Arguably the biggest combat helicopter in the world, the Dragon is a Euro-Soviet child of last century's monster Soviet helicopters. It's huge, it's expensive, but it's so impressive that it sells well, despite the fact that it's not a very good choice for a heavy-combat vehicle. The Dragon's ability to carry lots of troops makes it useful on the battlefield, though. (Revised stats for the Sikorsky-Mitsubishi Dragon from Chromebook 1.)[2]

Special Equipment: Ejection seats for crew, environmental control, fire extinguisher, chaff and flare dispensers, military radio with scrambler, visual rangefinder, auto-pilot and navigation system, ECM, ECCM, image enhancement, laser detector, microwave detector, military radar with terrain-following, military radar detector, telescopic optics and thermograph.[2]

Weapons: Two turret-mounted stabilized 12.7mm Miniguns (with extra magazine apiece), weapon wings for another 12 spaces of pod weapons.[2]


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