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SAFE AND SOUND: Night City Gangs is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077. It is a rundown of gangs presence in Night City.



Hi there! It's your friendly neighborhood canine, Sergeant Dobs! This useful little guide you're holding contains essential information on the Night City's largest gangs where you'll learn:
*Which districts to avoid
*How to recognize gang members
*How to avoid dangerous situations
Animals: The Animals aren't real animals - they're freaks of nature! Pumped to the gills with strength-enhancing hormones, they look more like piles of meat than people. They generally avoid cyberware with the exception of cosmetic modifications that supposedly make them look more like, well, animals. They're extremely aggressive and don't need an excuse to start a brawl. But despite their name, the Animals are not a territorial gang - you can find fierce, hostile packs of them throughout the city. 6th Street Gang: From a distance they could be easily mistaken for soldiers on leave - military uniforms, combat boots, buzz cuts, shouting "Oorah!" every chance they get. But don't let appearances fool you! These are violent, dangerous thugs, ready to slit your throat without the slightest hesitation. You'll want to watch out for them especially in Vista Del Rey. The Mox: Handsome girls, beautiful guys... but wait, it's a trap! They'll reel you in with their charm, and when you're least expecting it... BAM! Your eddies're gone. Or worse. The hole-in-a-wall that passes for their headquarters is called "Lizzie's Bar" - best seen from far away and never entered. Maelstrom: If you ever find yourselves in Watson's industrial area (and it's better that you don't), watch out for the sinister faceplates - that's Maelstrom. To be a part of the gang, you have to get your eyes and nose cut off and replaced with demonic, fiery-red optics. Ouch! If they do that to themselves, who knows what they'll do to strangers?! Better to leave that mystery unsolved. Tyger Claws: Effervescent neon tattoos with Asian motifs? Katanas and shurikens? Racing bikes? These are some of the trademarks of the Tyger Claws gang, with a noticeable presence in Japantown. Ignore them and they shouldn't bother you... but do something to provoke them and it's sayonara, baby! Valentinos: Golden grills, golden implants, golden crosses and golden machetes? Say ¡Hola! to the Valentinos. Despite the Catholic symbolism, they're not exactly "Love thy neighbor" types. Those who get in their way usually end up copped into pieces and tossed into the Del Coronado. Voodoo Boys: These predominantly Haitian gangers are based in Pacifica, but they hunt their victims elsewhere - the Net. The Voodoo Boys are the most skilled netrunners in the Night City underworld. But beware! That doesn't mean they're not dangerous in realspace too! Be sure to give them a wide berth, or you might just end up like on of their black roosters - without a head.


  • Can be found inside Susanna Quinn's office in Lizzie's Bar after The Information.
  • This shard can be found during the Disasterpiece quest. When you go through the sub-levels of the abandoned power station, look for a table with two red chairs.
  • Can be found inside Motel Hello in Kabuki, Watson, lying just inside on the container.