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Ryota Fujimoto was born in Kyoto, Japan and had a family with a strict code of conduct. He always was a rebellious kid going against all his families traditions. During festivals he wouldn't participate, he would constantly abandon his family to hang out with the bosozuku gangs, and chose to avoid going to school whenever he could. His father was never pleased with his son's actions, but chose to keep supporting him until he turned 21.

Ryota would always hang with the wrong crowds and chase the adrenaline rush of riding with the bosozuku. However at a certain point after going to jail twice and having run ins with the Yakuza, Ryota finally saw the error in his ways and cleaned up his act. At the age of 30 Ryota became a detective for the Kansai Prefecture Police Agency, he's not well respected by his fellow policemen due to his reputation and history. Because of this he avoids contact with everyone except the chief and people needing help on cases.

Ryoto is a fairly quite, but violent man. He tends to wear normal clothing consisting of a suit and tie with a trench coat. Generally unapproachable until he gets drunk during the night. You can find him at the Kansai Police headquarters.




Education +5, Library Search +4, Human Perception +9, Persuasion +9, Leadership +3, Social +2, Martial Arts +8, Melee +6, Combat Sense +7, Awareness +4, Handgun +7, Shotgun +5, Submachine Gun +4, Japanese (Native), English +3, Korean +4.


Type-12 Police Pistol, Armored Vest, Arasaka WCAA "Rapid Assault Shot 12", Kendachi Monoknife