Rulebooks are at the core of the Cyberpunk RPG and contains everything players need to get started with the game and run their own custom campaigns. The books detail the roles, statistics and skills as well as the basic rules needed to understand the game. The world of Night City, as well as the corporations and Gangs are expanded on in the Sourcebooks. Currently there are three rulebooks, the most recent of which, V3.0, is considered non-canon. R. Talsorian Games are working on a fourth edition, Cyberpunk RED, to tie-into the upcoming Video Game.

Released Edit

Book cover 2013
Cyberpunk 2013
Book image 2020v3002.2
Cyberpunk 2020

Non-Canon Edit

Book Profile CPV3
Cyberpunk V3.0

Upcoming Edit

Game Profile CPRED
Cyberpunk Red

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