I ask you to fight against those who would divide us. With debate. With pride. With blood and iron.

– Rosalind Myers, United Under the Stars and Stripes

Rosalind Myers is the current president of the New United States of America, and the former CEO of Militech.[1]



Before succeeding Elizabeth Kress as president of the NUSA in 2069, Rosalind Myers was the CEO of Militech. President Myers instigated the Unification War (2069 - 2070) to annex the Free States, but failed to capture Night City due to Arasaka's intervention. She had little choice but to sign the Treaty of Unification with the Free States to bring the war to an early conclusion, before Arasaka deepened its involvement, but this treaty brought the Free States under the NUSA's banner in name only.


By 2077, opinion of Myers in Night City was divided. Many people viewed her as a corrupt, corporate-backed fascist with imperialist delusions, while others point to Night City's crime rate being double that of anywhere in the NUSA and argue in favor of accepting Myers' control.[1][2]

During this time, President Myers ordered the bombing of airports in Wellington and El Paso in the Republic of Texas in retaliation for suicide bombings at NUSA bases in New Mexico and Oklahoma, raising the odds of a border war. Myers also issued a public statement (the contents of which were not specified) about the flow of refugees into the NUSA from the flooding Netherlands.

At the 2077 Federalist Party convention, Myers announced that she would seek another term in office. Her campaign slogan was unveiled to be "A Return to Unity", emphasizing her commitment to unification across all fronts.[1]

In the Devil ending, President Meyers finally met with Saburo Arasaka to secure a peace treaty. Meyers officially - alongside Militech - were now allied with the Arasaka Corporation to work towards a brighter future.


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