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I ask you to fight against those who would divide us. With debate. With pride. With blood and iron.

— Rosalind Myers, United Under the Stars and Stripes

Rosalind Myers is the president of the New United States of America, the former CEO of Militech, and a former marine. Currently serving her third term, Myers is the second woman serving as president in the short history of the NUSA, continuing her gospel of unification.


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Despite coming from corporate and political backgrounds, Rosalind shows a "commoner" attitude while carrying herself. Thus, as the politician she is, it may be part of the play, as she will do anything to get your vote. However, Myers also reveals her cold-blooded side, not particularly when it's necessary. To her, ends justify the means.


Rosalind expresses her status as a high politician as well as an ex-marine in the choice of wardrobe. Her ivory collarless jacket with gold accents resembles the iconic formal wear of women coming from generational wealth, while the golden plate on her shoulder looks like epaulette - a decoration used as insignia of rank by armed forces. Unlike Hanako Arasaka - another high-ranking corporate with a similar color scheme - Rosalind doesn't wear a dress or skirt. It's a statement that she is in charge here.

Myers also shows herself in disguise where she wears a black outfit consisting of a turtleneck, denim vest, jeans, and a cap with "I <3 NC" that she found in the hideout. Despite V mentioning the awful smell of the clothes she did what's necessary to hide her identity from the citizens of Dogtown.[4]

After V cuts out the subdermal tracking device, this leaves a scar on Myers' neck.[5]


After the death of Militech's CEO Donald Lundee, Rosalind Myers became his successor in leading the corporation. She was described as a proponent of peace and a distinguished politician that oversaw the NUSA's rapid economy recovery,[6] while also having an interventionist and protectionist stance. Myers was CEO of Militech for almost a decade.[7]

2065 - 2070[]

In 2065, after leaving her former position at Militech to Lucas Harford, Rosalind Myers was elected as the third the President of the New United States of America. During her next campaign for reelection, President Myers presented a unification program to extend federal rule over the Free States under the pretense of strengthening the Union, though most of them opposed this unification. In January 2069, once Myers had been reelected, the NUSA and Militech instigated the conflict that became known as the Unification War to annex the remaining Free States that opposed Myers' program.[8][9]

In 2070, after capturing most of the Free States, the NUSA moved in to take over Night City, but failed due to Arasaka's intervention.[8][10][9] FIA agents Solomon Reed and Song So Mi were in the city, but were called off by the President herself.[11] Not wanting the war to escalate into a global conflict, Myers had little choice but to sign the Arvin Accord with the Free States to bring the war to an early conclusion in June 2070, not succeeding in fully annexing them under the NUSA's banner, but forcing the Free States to get more involved with the Union — with the exception the Republic of Texas.[8][9]


By 2077, Rosalind Myers was serving her third term as president.[12] Opinion of Myers in Night City was divided. Many people viewed her as a corrupt, corporate-backed fascist with imperialist delusions, while others pointed to Night City's crime rate being double than that of anywhere in the NUSA and argued in favor of accepting Myers' control.[9][13] During this time, President Myers ordered the bombing of Texan airbases in Wellington and El Paso in retaliation for suicide bombings at the NUSA bases in New Mexico and Oklahoma, raising the odds of a border war with the Republic of Texas. Myers also issued a public statement — the contents of which were not specified — about the flow of refugees into the NUSA from the flooding Netherlands in Europe.[14]

After Saburo Arasaka's passing, Myers stated that all accusations Arasaka had claimed against Militech and the NUSA of being the ones that orchestrated his death were all unfounded and irresponsible. She warned that in the past they had reminded the former CEO that he was not omnipotent, and that if necessary, she would not hesitate to teach his successor, Yorinobu Arasaka, the same lesson. She went on to say that despite having respected the Arvin Accord so far, both the NUSA and Militech would respond in full force if provoked.[14]

At the 2077 Federalist Party convention, Myers announced that she would seek a fourth term in office. Her campaign slogan was unveiled to be "A Return to Unity", emphasizing her commitment to unification across all fronts.[14][15]

Phantom Liberty[]

President Myers, Song So Mi, and nine other crew and staff, were traveling above the Californian coast on the Space Force One. While Myers and So Mi were talking, a missile struck right into the spaceplane's wing, forcing it to go down.[16] Additionally, communications had been jammed and the spacecraft was being hacked, with its trajectory directly towards Night City's Dogtown. So Mi managed to contact a merc in Night City named V thanks to the Relic they possessed. After convincing the merc to help them, Songbrid guided V onto a vantage point from where they would get a good view of the situation.[17] Shortly after getting on the top of the EBM Petrochem Stadium, another missile struck into the plane, cutting all communications. So Mi got President Myers into the spaceplane's saferoom, knowing she would survive the crash. So Mi herself barely managed to get into the emergency lifepod, and after passing right above the stadium, the lifepod got ejected, falling on the eastern side of Dogtown, while the Space Force One crashed-landed on the western side,[5] an event that triggered a power struggle with significant consequences.[18]

If V refuses to help Songbird or takes too much time:

After surviving the crash, Myers is surrounded and presumably killed by Hansen's Barghest forces. So Mi later angrily phones V to inform them of her death.

If V agrees complies with Songbird's request in time:

After surviving the landing, So Mi guided V to rescue Myers from the crash site.[5] Initially attacking the mercenary, she agreed to work with them after learning they'd been dispatched by So Mi to help her. Fighting off Barghest forces sent after them, the two fled through the district with So Mi's help. During the escape, Myers ordered V to remove a tracker hidden in her neck, believing that someone on her team had betrayed her. Eventually surrounded at the Founding Our Future Expo, Myers and V lost contact with So Mi after she took control of a Chimera stationed. With the machine taken over by a rogue AI whilst attacked them, they initially fled before working together to destroy it.[19][20]
V and Myers eventually made their way to abandoned apartment. To escape Dogtown and locate So Mi, Myers told V to contact sleeper agent Solomon Reed, who'd been stationed in the district following the Unification War. After they made contact, Myers tasks them both to locate and recover So Mi. If V attempts to back out, Myers and Reed will attempt to strongarm them into cooperating.[21]

If V decides to walk out of the deal:
So Mi later calls V to report that Myers and Reed are were discovered and killed by Barghest soldiers. Their bodies are presented to Kurt Hansen after their deaths.[22]

If V agrees to help locate Songbird:
After two days, Reed and Myers are able to arrange for her extraction from Dogtown. She is returned to Washington whilst he remains behind to locate and extract So Mi.[23]


In the Devil ending:

Shortly after the incident in Night City's Arasaka Tower, President Myers denounced Saburo Arasaka's "resurrection" and stated his seizure of power was against international law. Despite these declarations and months of escalated tensions between Arasaka and Militech, several weeks after the incident both Myers and Saburo agreed to meet in person to lay the foundations for a lasting peace between all parties.[24]

Database Entry[]

Rosalind Myers

The incumbent president of the New United States of America. Myers was born into a wealthy and influential East Coast family, said to be descendants of the first English settlers aboard the Mayflower. She began her political career in the US Marine Corps - her patriotism, courage on the battlefield, obedience and discipline paved the way for her rapid promotion and brought her to the attention of Militech's top brass. After the death of the corporation's CEO, Donald Lundee, it was Myers who succeeded him.

There are conflicting opinions about Myers' reign as president of the corporation, but her reformist zeal has earned her more opponents than supporters. Without waiting for an official vote of no confidence, Myers tendered her honorary resignation as CEO, justifying the decision with her intention to run for the office of the president of NUSA. She won the election, becoming the second - in the brief history of the New States - woman in the Oval Office.

She ended her first term with a bang with the Unification War in 2069 to reunite all the states. Despite military support from Militech, Myers had to withdraw NUSA troops from California. Her shattered expansionist dreams apparently didn't deter Myers in the slightest, nor have they damaged her popularity as she went on to win two subsequent elections and is now gearing up for a fourth term.

Although as a politician Myers appears in her element, those close to her know she misses her time in the marines. That's not to say the NUSA president's life is devoid of excitement - repeated assassination attempts confirm that a dead Myers would be more valuable to some political factions than the status quo. Yet for the time being, the greatest danger to the president's life remains her long-standing nicotine addiction.[25]


Type Products
Cyberware Subdermal Tracker[5] (formerly)
Abilities Combat Stim,[26] Biohazard Grenades[26]
Weaponry Hawk (formerly)


  • Myers' roots can be traced to the Pilgrims of Mayflower that came from England to settle in the New World in 1620.
  • Rosalind has a nicotine addiction.
  • On computers around NC, an Net directory (Arasaka.corp/StopMyers) can be accessed with the petition "Stop Myers" against Night City's reunification, as well as another website with the petition to reunify the city with the NUSA. Both can be signed by V.[27]
  • In the base game of Cyberpunk 2077, Myers appears in a few TV news broadcasts. Her model originally depicted her with blue hair. In Phantom Liberty, she was given a unique and distinct model.



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