Romantics are a subculture from Cyberpunk 2013 and Cyberpunk 2020. They are people who embrace a culture completely - usually from a past era. They dress, act, and speak like a person from that culture and try to be as authentic as possible.

Cowboys, Renaissance Faire geeks, war re-enactors, and film noir buffs are some of the more tame groups. Some extreme groups get extensive racial reassignment surgery to become Yanomamo Indians, Afro-Caribbean Rastafarians, Ashkenazim Jews, or even Neanderthal tribesmen.

They often slot chips to know a foreign language, archaic skills, or sociological data about the culture they are trying to emulate. Extremists get a behavior chip that will force them to follow the rules and taboos of their adopted culture.


The "Normals" fad from the Judge Dredd comics are a good example of a Romantic group. They wear archaic and conservative dress from the mid-20th Century but speak in a sort of "Beatnik" slang. Men wear suits, wear their hair short, and are usually clean-shaven (though mustaches are affected by some). Women wear dresses and wear their hair long. Normals don't dye their hair an unnatural color and nail polish and makeup are only used by women. They use alcohol or tobacco rather than the harder recreational drugs. Members view themselves as the most outre fad - since everyone else is trying so hard to be different, those who act normal are the weird ones.  

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