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Romance is a gameplay mechanic in Cyberpunk 2077. V is able to romance or have intimate scenes with a number of characters in Night City.


V must meet specific requirements in order to romance someone. Characters have their own preferences as to who they are interested, dependent on V's body type of choice and gender-dependent voice. Lifepath or genitalia do not affect romance (for example you can romance Judy as a female V with a penis as long as you have feminine body type and voice, and River will romance a male V as long as he has a feminine body type).

If V's body and voice match, they can pursue romances with two characters simultaneously with no consequences. Male V can romance both Panam and Kerry, while female V can romance both River and Judy. However, during Nocturne Op55N1, V will have to choose which of the two to call one last time. The character V chooses is then considered V's primary romantic interest, and plays a role in the game's various endings.[1]


Characters Profile Romance Requirements Related Missions
Judy Alvarez
A Mox techie and braindance editor.
  • Feminine body
  • Feminine voice
Automatic Love
The Space in Between
Double Life
Both Sides, Now
Talkin' 'bout a Revolution
Pyramid Song
Kerry Eurodyne
A Rockerboy and former member of Samurai.
  • Masculine body
  • Masculine voice
Holdin' On
Second Conflict
A Like Supreme
Rebel! Rebel!
I Don't Wanna Hear It
Off the Leash
Boat Drinks
Panam Palmer
An ex-nomad turned mercenary.
  • Masculine body
Ghost Town
Lightning Breaks
Life During Wartime
Riders on the Storm
With a Little Help from My Friends
Queen of the Highway
River Ward
A NCPD detective.
  • Feminine body
I Fought the Law
The Hunt
Following the River

Romantic encounters

Throughout the game, V may encounter a number of characters whom can be romanced but won't count as full-fledged relationships. Instead, the majority will be a one-time event.

Characters Profile Romance Requirements Related Missions
Meredith Stout
An operative manager for Militech. V can have any body type or voice.
During The Pickup quest, V must choose to meet Meredith and not insult her directly in any conversation with her. Afterwards, it doesn't matter if you take the chip or not, as long as there is a violent outcome with the Maelstromers. Meredith will eventually text V during Act 2, and replying to her nicely will launch Venus in Furs.
The Pickup
Venus in Furs
Alt Cunningham
A netrunner and girlfriend of Johnny Silverhand in 2013. V automatically experiences this romance through Johnny's memories. Never Fade Away
Ruby Collins
A nightclub dancer from Empathy. V can have any body type or voice. Johnny romances Ruby while controlling V's body. Chippin' In
Rogue Amendiares
A fixer and former lover of Silverhand. V can have any body type or voice. Johnny romances Rogue while controlling V's body. Following this, during For Whom the Bell Tolls the romance can be briefly continued. Blistering Love
For Whom the Bell Tolls

Additionally, there are four joytoys in Night City that V can sleep with, regardless of gender. Two (male and female) can be encountered on Jig-Jig Street in Japantown and offer their services for €$100; while two others (male and female) can be encountered at the bar floor in Dark Matter, also in Japantown, (a location which opens up after the Kerry side job Off the Leash) and offer their services for €$3,000.


Look out, choom!
Spoilers from the games to follow!

Only the romances involving Panam, Judy, River and Kerry have an impact on the endings, and it is possible for them to end their relationship with V depending on the path chosen. It is also necessary to call them during Nocturne Op55N1.

If V's body and voice match and they romanced two characters at once (either Panam and Kerry as male V, or Judy and River as female V), whoever they choose to call will lock the other one out of the endings. This means the secondary love interest will not show up at the watchtower during All Along the Watchtower or in the shower with V in Path of Glory, although they can call them while they are at the Arasaka Orbital Station during Where is My Mind?. They won't appear in the New Dawn Fades, but they will leave some messages that Johnny can read. They will also appear in the credits scenes and the voicemail will vary depending on the chosen ending.

The Star ending: If V has a relationship with Panam or Judy, the partner decide to stay together with V, leaving Night City for good. However, if V is with River or Kerry, they will show up at the watchtower but refuse to leave Night City, ending their relationship with V.

The Sun ending: If V has a relationship with River or Kerry, they will decide to wait for V to finish a Crystal Palace job so they can return to Night City. If V is with Panam or Judy, they will comment they don't want to be in NC anymore, but since V cannot leave yet, the partner ends the relationship, and will shortly leave Night City. However, in her voicemail Panam appears to be open to rekindling things, telling V to let her know if they ever get bored of the city.

The Devil ending: If V has a relationship with Panam or Judy, they will leave Night City after the call. If V has a relationship with River or Kerry, they will wait for V to return to NC.

Temperance ending: Johnny in V's body will ignore all romances and leave Night City. The romanced character will leave angry voicemails on V's phone.

Path of Least Resistance ending: If V chooses to commit suicide, all characters will be devastated and leave upset voicemails on V's phone.


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