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Rogue Amendiares was a well-known solo during the 2010s in Night City, who became owner of the famous Afterlife nightclub in the Time of the Red, and was widely considered the city's best fixer by 2077.


Early Life[]

Rogue was a rebellious teen, knew stiff hierarchy of gang life was not for her and set out on her own, to become a solo. She was a new and successful mercenary in Night City. Rogue also began a relationship with hit rockerboy sensation Johnny Silverhand. Rogue on occasion asked Johnny if they could visit a drive-in theatre on a date, which went largely ignored.

Her relationship with Johnny ended at some point in 2011,[5] after Rogue found out about Johnny cheating on her.[6]

2010s - 2040s[]

In 2013, Rogue and her partner, Nomad Santiago were mercs, being reputed to be the best at the time. During a meeting between the two of them in the Atlantis Club, Johnny Silverhand interrupted them by entering the room to ask for their help in raiding Arasaka to save his girlfriend Alt Cunningham. While Rogue was still held a sour spot for Johnny, she ended up agreeing along with Santiago for nothing more than to give it to the corporations. The two participated in Silverhand's raid on Arasaka Tower to recover Alt and the Soulkiller program alongside a media known as Thompson, but the raid ended in failure as Alt was separated from her body, trapped in the Arasaka mainframe.[5]

During the Fourth Corporate War, Rogue participated in another Arasaka raid that would come to be known as the Night City Holocaust. She,alongside Spider Murphy, Shaitan, and Johnny Silverhand, raided the Arasaka Towers from the roof to leave a mini nuke within. However Johnny had additional plans and asked Rogue to accompany him, she refused and only promised to wait longer for him to escape. After attempting to bring Johnny onboard the chopper, they were intercepted by Adam Smasher, who fired upon the chopper with a heavy machine gun; Rogue was forced to leave Johnny behind as the nuclear bomb would soon detonate.

At some point prior to 2045 Rogue got so badly injured in a car crash that even cyberware could not fix all of the internal damage. As such, she largely retired from the Solo lifestyle and became a Fixer; holding court with local solos and acting as a middleman with potential contacts, providing them with valuable information and the intelligence they needed. Rogue also started operating the Afterlife.[7][8]


By 2077, Rogue's reputation as a solo continued to inspire and influence others. As the "Queen of the Afterlife", she was regarded as Night City's top fixer. She continued to manage the Afterlife surrounding herself with experts in their fields to follow through with her plans; Nix was hired as the Afterlife's top netrunner, Crispin Weyland was her pick as the top solo and bodyguard to accompany during big gigs, Emmerick Bronson was hired as the bouncer of the club, and finally Claire Russell became the bartender who kept track of the customers. During this time she was contacted by a corporate bodyguard named Goro Takemura, who had been searching for information on an ex-Arasaka employee, Anders Hellman. Rogue recognized Takemura as the man accused of the murder of Saburo Arasaka and because of this she turned him away before any trouble could be traced to the Afterlife.[2]

At some point, Rogue met with a lone nomad, Panam Palmer, who left her clan to work in Night City. She paired Panam with another nomad named Nash Bane on a few gigs, but during an assignment to deliver "merchandise", Panam was betrayed by Nash, who stole both their cargo for the Raffen Shiv, and Panam's customized Thorton Mackinaw "Warhorse". Having messed up, Panam angrily confronted Rogue, however due to her mistake she refused to give compensation or help to recover the stolen items. After some time she was contacted by a local mercenary, V, who had been searching for information on Anders Hellman similar to Takemura before. Despite recognizing V as the sole survivor of the failed heist at Konpeki Plaza, which marked them as a merc with a body count behind them, she offered to give them the information they needed if they paid €$15,000. After receiving the payment she debriefed V with the information of a Kang Tao AV that was transporting a VIP to secure location, V voiced concerns of working in the Badlands and was paired with Panam, whom Rogue believed could help them retrieve what they needed. After giving V Panam's contact information, she went back to dealing with her business.

After successfully retrieving the stolen cargo from Nash, Panam called Rogue to gloat of her success. However, Rogue was not impressed and mocked Panam for having a high-temper and that fixing her own mistake was not an achievement, which only caused Panam to become angrier, disconnecting the call.[2]

If V never let Johnny take over in Chippin' In:

Rogue discovered V had made an assault on Arasaka Tower and was impressed. Despite their unsuccessful heist with Dexter Deshawn, she was willing to give them a chance with a new gig she had been planning and later called them to contact her if they were interested.[2]

If V let Johnny take over in Chippin' In:

Later, Rogue was contacted again by V, who was acting very differently from how they were before, with manners and personality did not fit the mercenary she had met earlier. In fact, the mercenary seemed to acting more like an old acquaintance of hers, long-deceased rockerboy and her former boyfriend Johnny Silverhand himself. Johnny, in V's body, convinced her that it was him and that he needed information to find Adam Smasher. Having already done some investigating, along with a copious amount of partying and debauchery, in V's body, he informed Rogue that he had managed to track down a word that could lead them to Grayson, Smasher's second-in-command: "Ebunike." After V eventually woke up as themselves, Rogue explained that she knew everything and was willing to work with them. She later called and revealed that Ebunike was an old container ship docked in Night City and to meet her back at the Afterlife to discuss it further. After V arrived she gave them a Replica of Johnny's Samurai jacket he used to wear and they proceeded to the docs to infiltrate the Ebunike. Upon arriving they made in onto the ship and discovered information on Smasher, as well as Grayson himself. As Rogue and V questioned him, he revealed that Smasher had been promoted to head of Arasaka's security and was unlikely to return, and insinuated Rogue was on his side and there was a reason Arasaka had never hunted her after the Arasaka Towers bombing. Rogue, upset, shut him up before he revealed anymore information with a prompt pistol-whip to his head. Stating that she believed the plan was pointless and that they should forget about Smasher, Rogue then left the docks and went back to the Afterlife.[2]

If V invited Rogue on a date for Johnny in Blistering Love:
Rogue was later contacted by V again, only this time they were inviting her on a date on Johnny's behalf. She believed there was something more thinking Johnny never called unless he wanted something. However, V reassured her that there were no strings attached and quickly provided where to have the date: the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in theatre. The drive-in theatre was the same one she wanted Johnny to take her back when they were young. They both agreed and she told V to meet her at the Afterlife to pick her up. She got ready and waited in front, finally V arrived with Johnny's Porsche much to her surprise. Rogue noted that Johnny wasn't here and asked when he would show up, V informed her that they were only the driver, she commented on V keeping him on a "short leash." They proceeded to drive to the drive-in and upon arriving discovered it had been closed, V opened the entrance and began to set things up as Rogue sat and waited to see the movie.
V fixed the projector and the movie was Bushidō X: Fade to Black, they then gave control to Johnny as he took over their body. Johnny joined Rogue as they watched the movie, during this they discussed the past and were talking about the differences that could have been made. Johnny started to kiss her and the two began a more intimate experience. However, Rogue stopped and told Johnny she could not go through with it, that too much had changed and she couldn't pretend everything was still the same. She left the drive-in to head back to the Afterlife.[2]

If V asked Panam for help in Nocturne Op55N1 or chose to do a suicide run with Johnny in (Don't Fear) The Reaper and let Johnny keep their body:
After Johnny left a message for Rogue explaining everything that happened at Arasaka Tower and that he was leaving Night City for good, she was furious at him. She never imagined that Johnny would ever be so cruel to takeover someone else's body. Rogue left a message for Johnny asking how he felt having another person give up their life for him. She finally told Johnny to never return to Night City, insinuating she would hunt him down if he dared to ever show his face in the city again.[2]

If V asked Panam or Hanako for help in Nocturne Op55N1:
Rogue contacted V at some point after they last saw each other. She wanted them to tell Johnny that he was an arrogant, egotistical son of a bitch and that it was nice to talk with him again. Finally she wished for them to take care of themselves.[2]

If V chose to do a suicide run with Johnny in (Don't Fear) The Reaper and V kept the body.:
After V accomplished the suicide run on Arasaka Tower, Rogue gave up control over the Afterlife to them believing they had earned it. Rogue met up with V before they went to discuss a gig with Mr. Blue Eyes, giving them words of advice and how they should honor Afterlife tradition by having a special drink before the gig.[2]

If V let Johnny go with Rogue in Nocturne Op55N1:
While taking a call, Rogue was visited by V, who revealed that they were actually Johnny and V was in the back seat. Johnny pressured her to talk about her past and the fifty years he had been gone, Rogue eventually clear the Afterlife and gave in. She discussed how she worked with Adam Smasher and regretted it. However, she also knew that Johnny never came to her unless he needed something, he proceeded to explain that he needed to get to Mikoshi in Arasaka Tower before V and him disappeared. Johnny also insinuated that Rogue would also be joining, which she did though reluctantly. Rogue agreed to come up with a plan of assault that also included Crispin Weyland, and using "Strix", a Militech heavy-duty AV, and special Arasaka feet equipment to descend from the tower shaft to the bottom floor.
Rogue left the Afterlife and called her son, telling him to stay safe as the assault was about to start. As the diversion was created to light up the sky of Night City from following debris from space, Arasaka Tower got a lock on the AV they were using. As the AV crashed inside Arasaka Tower, Rogue, Johnny, and Weyland fought through to the shaft and began descending floor by floor to the group level of the tower. The Hayabusa protocol was in effect as many Arasaka troops fought them going down. Rogue and Johnny finally made it to the level where Alt Cunningham was able to gain control of the tower and where Mikoshi could be accessed. Before getting to the access point they were ambushed by Adam Smasher, who picked up Rogue as he was about to kill her, she placed a grenade before in him before he could. Sacrificing herself for Johnny, Rogue was killed in the blast used against Smasher as Johnny fought him on her behalf. After the battle, Johnny searched the debris and found only Rogue's pistol, Pride, her body having been obliterated by the grenade's explosion.[2]

If V let Johnny keep their body in Knockin' on Heaven's Door:
Johnny, now permanently in V's body, stopped at the Columbarium to pay respects to both V and Rogue. With Rogue's body having been destroyed in the battle, Johnny left her pistol in her niche, then departed Night City for good to start a new life elsewhere.

Database Entry[]


In her younger days she was a professional merc - today she's the queen of fixers. One of the last legends of Night City who's more than just handed-down stories. Unlike her friends from the good ol' days (read: Johnny Silverhand), Rogue does more than get by - she runs the Afterlife and by definition almost the entire Night City merc network. Every serious job needs her thumbs up, and V's mission to find Anders Hellman is very serious indeed.[2]

Associated Quests[]

Main Jobs[]

Side Jobs[]


Associated Shards[]


Cyberpunk 2013/2020[]

Type Description
Stats INT 7, REF 12, CL 9, MA 10, BODY 8[9]
Skills Combat Sense +9, Handgun +10, Brawling +9, Drive +7, Rifle +10, Melee +6, Athletics +9, Notice +8, Seduction +8[9]
Cyberware Two cyberoptics (w/ IR, Low Lite, Targeting scope), Sandevistan boost, Karate chipped to +3[9]
Weapons Armalite 44 Very Heavy Pistol[9]
Gear Med Armor Jacket, Light Helmet[9]

Firestorm Shockwave[]

Type Description
Stats INT 7, REF 10/12, TECH 6, COOL 9, ATTR 8, LUCK 7, MA 10, BODY 8, EMP 7/4, SAVE 8, BTM -3[10]
Skills Combat Sense +10, Athletics +10, Awareness +10, Basic Tech +7, Brawling +9, Driving +8, Education +4, Endurance +3, First Aid +4, Handgun +10, Heavy Weapons +3, Hide/Evade +6, Intimidate +4, Melee +8, Pilot Boat +5, Pilot Vectored Thrust +6, Rifle +10, Seduction +8, Shadow/Track +5, SMG +10, Stealth +8, Streetwise +4, Swimming +6, Tactics +7, Tae Kwon Do +7, Weapons Tech +4, Wilderness Survival +3[10]
Cyberware Neural processor, Sandevistan boost, smartgun and vehicle links, interface plugs, chipware socket (w/ ambidexterity chip), two cyberoptics (w/ independent targeting, low-lite, infrared, anti-dazzle), nanosurgeons[10]
Weapons 2 custom SAS-Model "Spitfire" pistols (w/ cyberoptic triangulation, gas compensation, custom grips, frag flechette ammo), smartchipped Militech M31a1 (w/ 3 extra clips), 24 mini-grenades[10]
Gear SP 24 vest, SP 18 bodysuit, headset radio, first aid kit.[10]

Cyberpunk 2077[]

Type Items
Cyberware Cyberoptics, EMP Threading
Weapons Pride, Prejudice, Tsunami Nekomata
Clothing Retrothrusters (temporarily)
Vehicles Quadra Type-66 "Mistral", Militech Manticore "Strix"

Behind the scenes[]

Rogue is one of the OG cyberpunks, kicking ass since before 2020, still doing it in 2077. She first made her name as a solo and it shows: she's tall, strong octogenarian that's a better shot than you and, yes, even a better lover than you. As a rebellious teen, she knew stiff hierarchy of gang life wasn't for her and set out on her own, pioneering the role of the do-it-all and do-it-alone merc. Than she ran into Johnny Silverhand, the milieu's rising star. Their intense romance endured twists and turns before ripping apart in a violent and spectacular fashion. After Johnny's death, Rogue hung up her weapons and moved out of the direct line of fire, using her contacts to became a fixer, the role in which V comes to know her. V can't help but be impressed and a little awed by this star cyberpunk, even though others from her era smirk that she sold out and became a glorified corporate matchmaker. One way or the other, for V to achieve her goals, winning Rogue over (with Johnny's help, of course) is a top priority.


  • In the Never Fade Away adventure, Rogue is called Rache by Johnny; a name she doesn't like him calling her. It could most likely be an abbreviation for Rachel.
  • Rogue Amendiares was a Buddhist.[3]
  • Scanning Rogue's niche during New Dawn Fades reveals it has been leased until July 21, 2177.[11]
  • As per Mike Pondsmith words, it is very likely Rogue is the mother of Trace Santiago, but this is something he hasn't work out to add to the story yet. Pondsmith states that when Rogue saw Johnny during Never Fade Away and how much he cared about Alt Cunningham, Rogue finally gave up on getting him back. This left Santiago Aldecaldo as the rebound guy, who had been trying to get with Rogue for some time already.[12]
  • Mike Pondsmith, in character as Maximum Mike, claimed that he used to date Rogue Amendiares on and off while she was still hurting for Johnny Silverhand, before the two drifted apart because of their work.[13]


  • Pondsmith said that Rogue and Johnny's relationship was based on a couple he knew during college.[14]