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Disambig This article is about the town in the northern Badlands. For the region of the same name, see Rocky Ridge (region).

Rocky Ridge is an abandoned town on its eponymous region in the Badlands, located at (2530,-90).


Sometime before 2077, Rocky Ridge was a planned development just outside of Night City, offering reservations, new life into the area, and the promise of new jobs. The town's development planned to utilize a freeway extension to the town, which was to provide residential space and job commuting.[3] By 2077, the town had been already abandoned.

Panam Palmer lost her truck after Nash Bane cheated her by stealing it and all the cargo they were supposed to deliver. With the help of V, Panam recovered the "Warhorse" from a group of Wraiths in Rocky Ridge.[4]

Database Entry[]

Rocky Ridge


It was supposed to measure up to Rancho Coronado - cozy, practical, self-sufficient, offering a roof over the head for the families of every worker building the nearby highway. Rocky Ridge was sold to people as a paradise guaranteeing peace and quiet, but also just a stone's throw away from the big city and everything it had to offer. Unfortunately, it ended like most investments end in California - the construction became too expansive and Rocky Ridge was no longer economically viable. From one day to the next the construction sides were deserted, contractors lost their jobs and the houses of Rocky Ridge became vacant. Today the area is completely abandoned and almost entirely forgotten by Night City - perfect for looters and the occasional band of Raffen Shiv.[5]


  • BD Shack

Associated Quests[]


  • The Rocky Ridge welcome signs detail that the town is 4,505[sic] ft above the sea level.
  • There is a bomb shelter at the rear of a house, on the opposite side of the town as the windmills - it contains ammunition, weapons, and multiple items. Follow the power transmission line and it can be found to the player's right. See the picture below for the map's location.



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