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Disambig.svg This article is about the region in the northern Badlands. For the town of the same name, see Rocky Ridge (town).

Rocky Ridge is a vast expanse in the Eastern Wastelands, having plenty of plains, a few hills, and a massive gorge to the northeast. The secluded areas in the north are mostly surrounded by steep hills.


Located within the Badlands, Rocky Ridge borders the Red Peaks hills to the west, the mountainous region of Sierra Sonora to the south, and along the Interestate 9 to the east, Vasquez Pass. Its most secluded areas to the north - only accessed by a narrow road northwest from the town of Rocky Ridge - border Night City's Watson and Westbrook Districts.

This region is mostly controlled by the nomads, being from either the Aldecaldos or the Raffen Shiv Wraiths. Militech is also strengthening its position, making controls on the roads, and having recently converted an old motel into a base of operations. Dakota Smith is the most prominent fixer in the area, currently residing in her own garage along the I-9.

The abandoned town of Rocky Ridge can be found along the only pavemented road that goes northeast from the highway.


Southern plains

Northern valley

  • Abandoned village
  • Maglev tunnel construction site
  • Nomad Camp

Fast travel points

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Big Rock
  • Desert Film Set
  • Edgewood Farm
  • Mobile Camp / Nomad Camp
  • Old Turbines
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Sunshine Motel