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Rocklin Augmentics, formerly known as Rocklin Prosthetics, is a cyberware corporation in Cyberpunk RED.


Founded in 2004 to supply artificial limb technology to the Veteran's Administration following the Central American Wars, Rocklin Prosthetics found itself quickly outpaced by leaner, more technologically advanced cybernetic companies, such as Dynalar Technologies and Kiroshi Optics.[1] The company limped along as a small, local power until the Time of the Red when the founder's daughter, Jacinda Hidalgo, took control and hit the market with a catalog of bleeding edge cyberlimbs that emphasized unique aesthetics, being reborn in 2030 as Rocklin Augmentics.[1]

Rocklin's new enhancements refuse all pretense at organic simulation with open frameworks, unusual color schemes, and "inhuman" proportions and variations. Their most famous products include the Signature Cybernetic Series, designed by popular artists.

The Time of the Red has been a boon for Rocklin. While other Corp supply chains withered, they made deals with Nomads to help them grow.[2]

Rocklin Augmentics also has a Cyberware line which they refer to as their RockXotics line. They made the announcement of the cancelation of their product the Megabite, replacing it with their new product called the Fangtastik.[3]



Type Products
Cyberchairs Rocklin Spider Cyberchair, Rocklin Mercurius Cyberchair[4]
Cyberware Extra-Jointed Cyberlimb Upgrade, RacerBracer,[5] Rocklin Augmentics Neuron,[6] MIRD113 Gun Hand[7]
Full Body Conversion Rocklin Augmentics Alpha Class[8]


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