Rockerboys are rebellious musicians who use music and revolt to fight authority. They are a lot like '80s punk rockers who look down on corporate "sellouts" as the traitors to the craft. Because they are so charismatic, they can sway, incite and charm a large number of people through musical performances.

Who Are They?[edit | edit source]

If you live to rock, this is where you belong. Rockerboys are the street poets, social consciences and rebels of 2000's. With the advent of digital porta-studios and garage laser disk mastering, every Rocker with a message can take it to the street; put in the record stores, bounce it off the comsats.

Sometimes, this message isn't something the Corporations or Government wants to hear. Sometimes what you say is going to get right in the faces of the powerful people who really run this world. But you don't care, because as a Rockerboy, you know it's your place to challenge. Whether in straight-out protest songs that tell it like it is or just by playing kick-ass rock'n'roll to get the people away from TV sets and into the Streets. You have a proud history as a Rockerboy - Dylan, Springsteen, Who, Elvis, the Stones - the legions of hardrock heroes who told the truth with screaming guitars and gut-honest lyrics.

As a Rockerboy, you have the power to get the people up - to lead, inspire and inform. A song from you can give the timid courage, the weak strength, and blind vision. Rockerboy legends have led armies against Corporations and Governments. Rockerboy songs have exposed corruption, brought down dictators. It's a lot of power for a guy doing gigs every night in another city. But you can handle it. After all - you came to play!

Not all Rockerboys are strictly musicians, some examples of ones that fall into a broader role:

  • Street Poet - Much like the rock singer, in that he performs in front of an audience. His medium is pure words, propelled by driving oration and theatrical flair.
  • Performance Artist - The performance artist makes his or her statement by staging media events, plays, skits or visual presentations in public situations.
  • Social Leader/Activist – As a social leader you are directly on the firing line for change. With your charisma, you can influence change in grassroots movements or national governments. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King or César Chavez were all activists.
  • Politician - Contrary to what the Medias tell you, not all Politicians are corrupt, selfish wheeler-dealers. As a Cyberpunk politico, you draw your source from crusading heroes like John or Robert Kennedy, FDR, or Winston Churchill.
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