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Robelarde St. James (Ras Angabo) is a member of the New Reformed Rastafarian Church, complete with dreadlocks. Obviously, the band owes much of its reggae feel to him. Robelarde likes to go under the handle Ru Angabo. Rag, he told me, means spiritual brother. Angabo wag a mythical Jamaican hero who Blew the evil serpent Wainaba. Sure thing, Rag. One thing for sure: Ras can lay it down on the keyboards. I am also told that he can lay it down on an interface, and when he's not hanging out at the Hope he's earning a living as a high-demand freelance Netrunner. Ras splits singing duties with Sundance and ZZ. He sometimes takes off for extended periods, leaving the other members of the band to cope as a trio.


INT 10, REF 10, TECH 5, COOL 10, ATTR 6, LUCK 1, MA 5, BODY 9, EMP 6, SAVE 9, BTM -3.[1]


Interface 8, Awareness/Notice 5, Basic Tech 3, Education and General Knowledge 4, System Knowledge 4, Cybertech a, Cyberdeck Design 5, Composition 6, Electronics 2, Programming 7, Play Instrument (Keyboards) 7, Singing 4, Expert: Jamaican History, Culture and Religion 6, Expert: Haitian Voodoo 3, Language (French) 9, Melee 4, Brawling 5, Handgun 1, Dodge and Escape 3.[1]


Basic Processor, Sandevistan Speedware, Cybermodem Link, Interface Plug, Chipware Socket, Basic Cyberoptic, Times Square Marquee.[1]


Varies. Kirama LPD-12 Cyberdeck. Programs vary.[1]


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