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Rita Redhawk Brodie is Petrochem's Chief Financial Officer of the past five years. She is a supremely competent woman with superb corporate credentials. Brodie is also aware of the power struggle being waged at the corporation's highest levels. She has not told anyone, but she is firmly behind Trenton Parker. Her father worked for Parker Petrochemicals for several years, and as a native Texan, she remains loyal to the old power structure. She wants to tell Parker of her allegiance, but is scared of tipping her hand. As CFO, she has a fair amount of power, but she could be forced out if Trieste or Youngblood got word of her alignment.

Brodie has been approached by Angus Youngblood, and she has told him that she supports him and Ellen Trieste. She is hoping to get access to information that will be of use to Trenton Parker. As a double agent, she may have overstepped herself, however, as she is now in danger of being crushed in die middle of the power struggle.

Rita Brodie is a tough, attractive Native American woman in her early fifties. She is an efficient and fair executive, and well liked by the people who work under her. She has made her name in a world of backstabbers by soliciting the loyalty and support of her underlings. This support may be invaluable to her if die power war heats up. She has had an on again/off again romantic dalliance with Col. Marshall R. Shepard.[1]


INT 9, REF 5, TECH 7, COOL 9, ATTR 8, LUCK 5, MA 6, BODY 7, EMP 10/9, SAVE 7, BTM-2.[1]


Resources 7, Wardrobe and Style 4, Streetwise 3, Human Perception 7, Leadership 6, Social 6, Accounting 9, Awareness/Notice 6, Education and General Knowledge 7, Expert Math 7, Expert Business 6, Expert Financial Analysis 7, Programming 5, Driving 6, Handgun 5, Rifle 2, Riding 6.[1]


Basic Processor, Chipware Socket, Data Term Link, Interface Plugs.[1]


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