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Riot is a nightclub located on Palm View in Little China, Watson. It is featured in Cyberpunk 2077.


A club with a history and the most important stage in Night City. Its solid sound system means that even stars like Lizzy Wizzy, The Rubicones and the Cartesian Duelists have played here. The beer is good and the bathroom floor looks like a Pollock painting under an UV light. What's not to like?[1]


Riot can be entered through the main entrance, where an Animals bouncer is stationed, as well as entered from either the backstage entrance, or from a fire escape on the east side of the building. There is a staircase leading to a secondary floor where the bar and toilets, and staff rooms are located. The west door can be opened with 9 Intelligence, while the east door can be opened with 11 Technical Ability, leading to the alternative side entrance and a Employee Badge.

The backstage area has a an elevator leading to the ground floor security room, and a garage door that can be opened with 10 Body which leads to the vehicle docking area, and the artist preparation rooms.

The ground floor security room has an elevator that leads to the VIP room located on the third floor, and a door that leads to Palm View.

Associated Quests

Associated Shards


  • The computer in the security room contains three empty files, which main serve a purpose during Violence.


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