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Riders on the Storm is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.

Journal Entry[]

OK, this must actually be pretty serious. Tough chick like Panam wouldn't call you up for some chump chore. Must be something important. Wouldn't waste any time on this one if I were you. To the Aldecaldos' camp we go.


  • Meet with Panam.
  • Follow Panam.
  • Lean against the car.
  • Talk with the veterans.
  • Take the shard.
  • Observe the camp gate and perimeter.
  • Scan the vehicle tracks.
  • Scan the truck.
  • Observe the main building.
  • Observe the garage.
  • Disconnect from the drone.
  • Talk with Panam and Mitch.
  • Take SuperJet.
  • Talk with Panam and Mitch.
  • Get in the van.
  • Head to the Raffen Shiv camp.
  • Park your vehicle.
  • Get out of the van.
  • Get inside the camp.
  • Go to the main building.
  • Find Saul.
  • Find info on Saul. [Optional]
  • Free Saul.
  • Leave the building.
  • Find a safe way out. [Optional]
  • Leave via the maintenance tunnel.
  • Get in the back of the van.
  • Find shelter.
  • Get out of the van.
  • Follow Saul.
  • Restore power to the farm.
  • Talk with Panam.
  • Use the external panel.
  • Talk with Panam.
  • Talk to Panam and Saul.
  • Sit on the couch. [Optional]
  • Talk with Panam.
  • Take the sniper rifle.
  • Talk to Johnny.


  • The Problem Solver, an iconic variant of the Saratoga, can be found on the Wraith leader standing near the main entrance to the camp.
  • Starting the job and then leaving the area for too long will result in Panam sending a message saying that Saul is dead, and the job will be failed. As this will make the follow-up missions unavailable, this will preclude romancing Panam as well as "The Star" ending.