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Rico is tortured man who has been forced by his own weakness into living a life Of violence for fifteen years. He is borderline cyberpsychotic, prone to violent rage and with little compassion for humans. He is not, however, beyond recovery.[1]


Rico has been freelancing as a Solo ever since the end of the war. He didn't want to, but after all those years in-country he found he couldn't adjust to anything other than life as a soldier. Gradually, as contract after contract was fulfilled, he accumulated more cyberware and lost more friends. Slowly the strain on his mind grew, yet he deluded himself that he could control it. Until today, when it got to be too much. Recently, Rico's been working as a Solo for a small but up-and-coming biotech firm. They hired the Union Force to run an international op for them, and he was to be the liaison between the corp and the Union Force. The commander of the Union Force, Nate Ryder, wouldn't leave him alone, however, persecuting him incessantly just for trying to do his job. Finally, today at the Calypso Club, he snapped and went into a killing rage. Ironically, Ryder escaped.

Rico went back to the Force headquarters near the refinery, hoping to find Ryder there. He didn't, but he left a trail of other bodies. After that, he came here. At first, he was going to collect his things and flee, but something made him stay. He's been watching the planes land and take off for the last hour, half hoping that the police would catch up with him and finish him off. He had no idea that the members of LRT-601 were in the city. He still considers them the only true friends he ever had. Finding them is the one thing that makes him want to survive this evening. He will beg the characters to take him back to the Hope and turn him over to the police. The last vestige of his humanity urges him to do this. All it will take is one more incident for him to go permanently insane.


INT 7, REF 10, TECH 8, COOL 10, ATTR 4, LUCK 4, MA 10, BODY 14, EMP 10/1, SAVE 14, BTM -5.[1]


Combat Sense 9, Endurance 5, Strength Feat 6, Intimidate 8, Resist Torture/Drugs 4, Awareness/Notice 8, Hide/Evade 4, Shadow/Track 6, Wilderness Survival 6, Athletics 5 , Dodge and Escape 4, Karate 5, Handgun 7, Rifle 7, Submachinegun 7, Heavy Weapons 6, Fencing 5, Archery 8, Demolitions 6, Driving 4, Stealth 6.[1]


Basic Processor, Chipware Socket, Smartgun Link, Data Term Link, Machine Link, Vehicle Link, Interface Plugs, Sandevistan Speedware, Pain Editor, Nasal Filters, Grafted Muscle, Muscle and Bone Lace, Basic Cyberoptic, Image Enhancement, Targeting Scope, Times Square Marquee, Low Lite™, Basic Cyberaudio, Amplified hearing, Enhanced hearing Range, Radio Link, Level Damper, Two Cyberlegs, one Cyberarm, all with Hydraulic Rams, Microwave/EMP shielding and SP 20 armor, Liner Frame Beta, Cowl, SP 25 Torso Plate.[1]


SP 20 armor jacket, monoknife, Colt AMT 2000 pistol with four magazines, two smartchipped, silenced Ingram MAC 14s with eight magazines. In his locker are various grenades, more ammo and a Militech Renegade squad automatic weapon.[1]


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