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Revolution Genetics Inc. is an expanding genetic engineering firm which deals in a multitude of applications involving genetic manipulation and biotechnology. Having its history in political revolution, Revolution takes its name from its origins and the term "re-evolution", or the genetic restructuring of nature. Revolution Genetics is very open about its developments, and shares them with other businesses and countries. It is confident of its superiority in the field. The company carries over 65% of current existing patents on genetic enhancements and biotechnology. Its origin has allowed it to evolve a less bureaucratic work structure, creating a beneficial environment in which to work and do research and development. Though unorthodox by established standards, It has allowed Revolution Genetics to excel where others have floundered. Helix is its public face : an outlet much like the Chrome cybernetics stores, though dealing in biotech and minor genetic tailoring like skin coloring and pheromone production.[1]


All of Revolution Genetics Inc.'s regional offices have the facilities to research and develop genetic alterations, biotech, and biological compounds and agents. All regional offices have operating rooms, genetics labs, and a full staff to man them. The major developments are always done, however, at the central research facility on Antarctica, which has the most advanced genetics labs in the world. Products are developed at the central facility and then transported to the regional offices where they are processed, manufactured, implanted, and distributed. All regional offices have one AV-4 assault vehicle. Six corporate jets and five Osprey IIs are split among the offices worldwide. All offices have a large security force with weapons purchased from Arasaka. Also all offices will have a small number of genetically-enhanced combat personnel direct from the central facility on Antarctica. Revolution plans to purchase an orbital facility within three years. Its Data Fortresses are considered Level 3 systems.[1]

Products Line-Up 2020[]

Type Products
Bioware Flashlite Implant[2], Poison Glands[2], Tailored Pheromones[2]



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