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Reported Crime: Supply Management is a NCPD scanner hustle in Cyberpunk 2077.


The grounds are a razor-wire fenced area with many unlighted areas at night. In addition to the named character John Quaid, there are about 5 unnamed others, either Security Guards or Veteran Guards.

Once the guards are neutralized, a backpack container in a well-lit area somewhat near the gate will have a conversation datashard and assorted items, and the looting of which will end the first part of the quest.

Once the unnamed scanner hustle is complete, a second quest will be triggered. It will lead to a body on the roof of a nearby building which previously held 3 of the guards. The body can be seen prior to this but was locked, and has another conversation datashard and assorted loot.

Journal Entry[]

Another poor choom just trying to get by. All he wanted was to undercut the corps a little, make a few eds off a few boosters. Well, didn't do much for his health. Know what would give us a boost, though? A little peek at what he left behind.


  • Neutralize any ongoing threat and secure evidence.
  • Go to the dealer's stash.

Associated Shards[]