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Regina Jones is a Fixer in Cyberpunk 2077.


Regina is a former Media that worked for the World News Service[1] and later for FTF Radio. As a journalist, she also became a mentor to Max Jones.[2] At some point during her muckraking days, Regina needed "help, and fast, too..." and indebted herself to some Chinese officials. It would take her quite some time to pay that debt off.[3] After the radio station was acquired by N54 News, she struck out on her own. Using her extensive network of contacts, Regina quickly made a name for herself as a Fixer.[4]

At some point, Regina won a unique AI-enhanced gun called "Skippy" in a poker game, but it was later stolen from her.[5]

Operating out of Yaiba Tower in Kabuki, Watson, her main fixation is trying to help find a cure for cyberpsychosis, a disease caused by malfunctioning cyberware. In order to do so, she will reach out to V, a mercenary, to engage and neutralize cyberpsychos around Night City in order to help aid the research. In her search for the causes and potential remedies for the condition, Regina is interested in each cyberpsycho biography and will put strong emphasis on V dealing with the cyberpsychos without killing them.[6]

Database Entry[]

Regina Jones

A fixer with Chinese heritage operating out of Watson. She used to work as an independent reporter for FTF Radio, but after the station was acquired by the media conglomerate News 54, Regina decided it was time to find a better medium to spread her message. She mobilized all her contacts - from the highest-ranking corpos to the lowliest dealers, gangers, mercs, bums and junkies. From their point of view, Regina hasn't changed a bit - she's always been a fighter, a girl from the streets. The only difference is that before she bought gossip and sold news - now she spins both.[4]

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