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Reflexes is one of the six attributes in Cyberpunk 2077. The Reflexes attribute determines your maneuverability and ability to evade enemy attacks.


Progressing in the Reflexes attribute improves proficiency with Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns and Bladed Weapons.

The Reflexes attribute enables you to use advanced movements. It also enables you to make quick, observant remarks in dialogue.

Allocating an Attribute point in the Reflexes Attribute increases Crit Chance by 0.5% per point.

Level Title Requirement(s) Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
4 Stuntjock Unlocks preem new ways to exit vehicles:

Jump out

Slide out

You can also draw and fire weapons during these stunts.

While driving:
No bullet spread penalty from movement
−50% bullet spread overall
4 Slippery The faster you move, the more difficult for enemies to shoot you.

Effect increases when Dashing, dodging, sliding, sprinting and vaulting.
4 Multitasker Allows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding and vaulting.
Muscle Memory
4 Muscle Memory Allows you to reload weapons while sprinting, sliding and vaulting.
Power Slide
4 Power Slide Increased slide distance.
4 Parkour! Increased vaulting and climbing speed.
Ready, Rested, Reloaded
9 Ready, Rested, Reloaded Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs −10% Stamina cost for shooting AR and SMGs. +30% reload speed when above 50% Stamina.
9 Dash −20% Stamina cost for dodging and dashing. Unlocks the ability to Dash.

Dashing replaces dodging, allowing you to cover more ground and automatically vault over low obstacles.
Lead And Steel
9 Lead And Steel Only affects Blades −15% Stamina cost attacks with Blades. Unlocks ability to block incoming projectiles with Blades. This consumes Stamina.
Spice Of Life
9 Spice Of Life Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs +15% weapon swap speed,
−30% bullet spread briefly after swapping weapons.
Tunnel Vision
9 Tunnel Vision Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs +20% Effective range and accuracy.
Mind Over Matter
9 Mind Over Matter Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs −25% Recoil when aiming.
Can't Touch This
9 Can't Touch This +100% Mitigation Chance when performing a Dash.

Mitigation grants a chance to reduce incoming damage by current Mitigation Strength (default 50%).
Steady Grip
9 Steady Grip Allows you to shoot while Dashing.
Mad Dash
9 Mad Dash +100% Dash range toward enemies.
Mean Streak
9 Mean Streak +40% Stamina after neutralizing an enemy while Dashing.
Flash And Thunderclap
9 Flash And Thunderclap Only affects Blades When performing Strong Attacks, you now automatically leap to enemies within range.
These Leap Attacks can be also performed from midair and deal additional damage that scales with the distance of the leap (max +50%).
Seeing Double
9 Seeing Double Only affects Blades Increased damage and Stun chance with counterattacks.
Bullet Deflect
9 Bullet Deflect Only affects Blades When your Stamina is above 33%, blocking projectiles will Deflect them to wherever your reticle is aimed. Well-timed blocking just before being hit increases the damage you deal with deflected bullets.
Bullet Time
9 Bullet Time Only affects Blades Whenever time is slowed, Bullet Deflect does not consume Stamina and deflections automatically hit enemies for Crit Damage.
Finisher - Bladerunner
15 Finisher: Bladerunner Only affects Bladed Weapons −15% Stamina cost attacks with Blades. +20% Attack Speed with Blades. Unlocks a Blade Finisher. Restores 25% Health.
15 Sharpshooter Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs +15% aim speed. Improved weapon control. Each successful shot grants a stack of Sharpshooter, +7% bonus to Stamina regen and Stamina cost for 2 sec. per stack. Stacks 7 times.
New stacks reset duration. All stacks are removed when the duration ends.
Air Dash
15 Air Dash −20% Dash Stamina cost. +20% Dash speed. Unlocks the ability to Dash in mid-air.
Spray And Pray
15 Spray And Pray Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs −10% Stamina cost for hip-firing.
Shoot To Chill
15 Shoot To Chill Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs +4% Armor Penetration for automatic weapons per stack of Sharpshooter.
15 Gundancer Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs Aiming no longer slows movement.

Allows you to shoot while vaulting.
Practice Makes Perfect
15 Practice Makes Perfect Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs +7% Crit Chance and Crit Damage per stack of Sharpshooter.
Air Kerenzikov
15 Air Kerenzikov Only affects Assault Rifles and SMGs Activating Kerenzikov in mid-air keeps you suspended in the air and extends its duration.
Flash Of Steel
15 Flash Of Steel Only affects Blades +25% Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 6 sec. after performing a Finisher.
15 Opportunist Only affects Blades Enemies affected by Stagger, Stun, Blinding and Bleeding are more susceptible to Finishers.
Going The Distance
15 Going The Distance Only affects Blades +100% Finisher range.
15 Aerodynamic +30% Mitigation Strength while in midair.
Aerial Acrobat
15 Aerial Acrobat Improves midair maneuverability.
20 Tailwind +25 Stamina from performing Air Dashes and Double Jumps.
20 Slaughterhouse Only affects Bladed Weapons All attacks, counterattacks and deflected bullets apply Bleeding, which increases dismemberment chance.
Bleeding cannot kill enemies, but does make them more susceptible to Finishers. +25 Stamina from dismembering.
Salt In The Wound
20 Salt In The Wound Only affects Assault Rifles Shooting the same target 7 consecutive times deals bonus damage equal to 100% of the total damage from those shots.
Submachine Fun
20 Submachine Fun Only affects SMGs Swapping Submachine Guns is faster and automatically reloads them, +22% fire rate after swapping to an SMG. Normal reloading ends the effect.

Act 1[]

  • The Information
  • The Heist (5) - when Dexter DeShawn asks what you think of Evelyn Parker, you can note something is off about her in the wide range of social circles she appears to be in.

Act 2[]

  • Automatic Love
    • (5) - V can tell Mateo they "thought only girls worked here."
    • (5) - V can ask Susie Q what she and Judy Álvarez were arguing about.
    • (5) - V can ask Clouds' bartender in the VIP area if the place is always that dead. The bartender will respond that it may be dead to V, and lively to others, but for him, its just right.
    • (5) - V can inquiry Tom if the clinic that Evelyn Parker went was in Osaka or Oslo. Tom will reply that it's definitely Oslo.
  • M'ap Tann Pèlen (5) - V can tell Placide that thought selling poultry was illegal.
  • Ghost Town (6) - V can ask Panam Palmer if her client, Boz from 6th Street, believes in her word. Panam will respond yes, because of her reputation.
  • Lightning Breaks (6) - V can ask Panam Palmer if they are sure the AV'll fly over the power station.
  • Life During Wartime (6) - V can notice that the weapon vendor Marty don't looks too concerned about Kang Tao suits' actions at his place.
  • Gimme Danger (6) - V can ironically deduces phrase five of Goro Takemura's plan: Sandayu Oda zeroes them and pisses on their bodies. Takemura will respond that Oda would not dare raise his hand against Takemura, but may do this against V.

Act 3[]

Gigs and Side Jobs[]

  • With a Little Help from My Friends (7) - V can tell Panam Palmer that the plan to steal the Militech Basilisk seems too perfect and too easy.
  • Talkin' 'bout a Revolution (6) - V can ask Judy Álvarez if the modified behavioral chip have any side effects. Judy will respond that, once combat-mode auto initiates when a threat is present and there is no way to stop it, that she haven't find a workaround, and that she don't know about long-term side effects yet. Roxanne Colton will complete saying that there is also the ethical side, about killing someone and not remember it.
  • Pisces (6) - V can tell Maiko that she sounds sure about herself when she says she don't have authority "yet". Maiko will respond that it because she left no room for error, and they are exactly where they need to be.
  • Sinnerman (6) - V can point out that Bill Jablonsky's plan to kill Joshua Stephenson sounds half-baked.
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (6) - At PieZ, V can tell Rachel that really wonder what kind of dirt she is holding on Vasquez.
  • Bullets (8?) - V can comment with Zane that the Jinguji store is looking a little empty. Zane will respond that Jinguji is about quality, not quantity.
  • The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo (6?) - V can ask Claire Russell why she doesn't sport any chrome. Claire will respond that she love machines, but don't ever wanna become one.
  • Gun Music (7) - V can tell Taco that came alone, by pure chance.
  • Shoot To Thrill
    • (4) - V can tell Robert Wilson that do a contest is not really his style.
    • (4) - V can note that Wilson is nervous and ask if everything is OK. Nelson will respond that it is not because the competition didn't increased the gun sales. V will then suggest to not insult the potential buyers by calling them "bush-league" because of their poor aim.
  • The Gun (4) - V can tell Wilson that a contest is not really V's style.
  • Only Pain (9) - V can demand the truth from the corpo.

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