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The Red Chrome Legion, otherwise known as Red Chromers, are a gang in Night City.


In 2020, the Red Chrome Legion are comprised of militant neo-fascist, otherwise known as "skinheads", individuals, focused on terrorizing others.[1] By 2045, their operations have changed to suit the world during the Time of the Red, recruiting youths into their hate group ideology, shifting to wearing uniforms and utilizing militaristic slogans, attacking anything they don't believe to be right.[2]


  1. Night City Sourcebook p.54: "Red Chrome Legion: A militant skinhead gang that spend most of their time terrorizing those different from themselves."
  2. Cyberpunk Red Worldbook p.36: "The Legion is a neo–fascist hate gang; young people united around a certain hate group ideology. Uniforms and militaristic slogans are the rule. The Red Chromers will attack anything that they think isn't "right.""

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