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Rebecca was a solo and a major character in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.


Rebecca was a very sharp-tongued young woman, and has a tendency to be extreme and unpredictable. She was often shown going all out in fights, sometimes even laughing manically. Nevertheless, Rebecca is loyal and does everything for the crew of Maine, including supporting newcomer David where she can.

Rebecca has feelings for David Martinez, as she mentions that she wasn't okay "playing just friends", and sarcastically comments to Kiwi that perhaps she should change her appearance and attitude to seem more like David's girlfriend Lucy.[4]

Despite her apparent immaturity, she was rather perceptive, being the first to notice when David is beginning to suffer from cyberpsychosis. She also handles her romantic interest in David maturely, never violating his boundaries beyond flirting. Though jealous, she eventually gives up and helps him reunite with Lucy, noting the strength of their bond. She becomes the secondary muscle of the group following Maine and Dorio's passing, demonstrating her extreme skills with firearms and ability to survive in combat despite having relatively little cyberware. She is one of the earliest members of Maine's crew and is featured in the "Let You Down" music video, which explains her high level of experience.


Rebecca is short in stature, with soft features and stark white skin with a faint blue tint to contrast with the pink tattoos on her neck, stomach, and right thigh that reads "PK DICK". Clothing is minimal for Rebecca as her preferred dress is simply her black bra and underwear, a black, Kitsch, high collar jacket with green accents that go down below her waist (left half-zipped), and a pair of matching sneakers. Besides the jacket and shoes, she pulls her green hair up into pigtails with a dual clipped hair band. Her cyberware is subtle with only her pink and yellow cyberoptics standing out. Later on, she, mimicking her brother Pilar, utilizes oversized cyberarms in red and blue for right and left, respectively.


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Rebecca was an edgerunner of Night City, who was always fighting with her brother Pilar. The two siblings often teamed up with Maine and his crew to conduct mercenary jobs, although their daily life outside of work was tense, since they would always fight with each other, because of Pilar's provocative behavior, this caused her to decide that she would be the person to kill her brother someday.[5]

Some time prior to 2076, the day Sasha Yakovleva died, their crew was hired to infiltrate the Biotechnica's Night City HQ to extract secret financial records and information. They got drinks in the Afterlife before sending Sasha, the crew's netrunner, to infiltrate the building.[6]

Rebecca first meets and works with David Martinez during a limo heist, distracting Maxim by spilling booze on him and sensually cleaning it. The distraction fails once Maxim notices his keys have been snatched, calling her a bitch, to which she replies that he's weird. She is immediately attracted to David and attempts to flirt with him at the mission after party. When David is working his way up in Maine's crew, he is sent to deliver a pair of cyberarms to the apartment that Rebecca and Pilar share. She is also seen helping David practice with firearms, impressing him greatly by hitting every target in exact spots while dual wielding. Rebecca seems to be a fan of cyberpunk culture in general, as she is seen excitedly pointing at Rogue Amendiares when seeing her at the Afterlife.

One night while the crew is out walking, Pilar is killed by a cyberpsycho, sending Rebecca into a rage. She instantly rushes the cyberpsycho and is almost killed herself, before being tackled behind cover by Maine. After the cyberpsycho is killed by David, she continues to shoot the corpse out of rage for killing her brother.

After the timeskip in Episode 7, she is seen with large cyberhands, mimicking the behaviors of her late brother, likely out of love and respect for him. She has also become the secondary muscle of the crew, behind David, who is now the leader. Rebecca is extremely skilled and reliable in combat, even saving David's life on an occasion where he freezes up due to oncoming cyberpsychosis. She attempts to confront him about it, telling David she watches him closely and notices something is wrong.

Rebecca is next seen just before she, David and Falco embark to intercept an Arasaka convoy under Faraday's orders. By now, David has already begun his steep descent into psychosis and Rebecca catches him, nearly collapsed, in the lounge of their hideout. He implores her to help him stay sane by injecting him with the 9x dosage suppressants he got from Doc. She begrudgingly accepts, on the terms that he doesn't use his Sandevistan, which he violates. She is seen throughout the mission manually injecting him with meds, as she promised, despite becoming increasingly worried for his safety. After Faraday and Kiwi's treachery is uncovered, she and Falco agree to help David rescue Lucy by assaulting Arasaka Tower, though they eventually end up landing the Chevillon Emperor in Corpo Plaza instead and being surrounded by Arasaka troops and NCPD.

When David manages to rescue Lucy, Rebecca tells her she's glad that she's safe for David's sake. Moments later, she notices Adam Smasher falling toward them and shoots up at him, only to be crushed under his weight, her last words being "We are having a moment here! Fuck you!"[7]

Lucy wrote "I regret not finishing our conversation" on Rebecca's niche in Night City's Columbarium.

In 2077, the mercenary V may stumble across Rebecca's custom Carnage shotgun Guts, still laying where it was dropped in her final fight.[8]






  • Rebecca's PKDICK tattoo is a reference to science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.
  • Rebecca was initially not part of the scripts written by CD Projekt RED but later created by Studio Trigger, who convinced them with her character design.[10]


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