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Razor Hugh is a character featured in Cyberpunk 2077.


Razor Hugh used to be a poor street kid like most Night Citizens who eventually joined the Animals and became a star athlete and professional boxer. Razor has elite corpo sponsors and prototype implants[1] such as carbon fibers, Titanium Bones, nanofiber RealSkinn, shock absorbers and hydraulic joints, all optimized by Night City's best bioengineers.[2]

He is Night City's three-time heavyweight champion and holds a record of forty-seven consecutive victories with twenty knockouts.

Razor is told by his manager he must go to Night City to fight in the bush leagues in order to promote himself. Razor claims it is to prove to people he is not a sellout and that he is still a street kid. His manager is willing to bribe V to take a dive and in exchange will receive a better payment than if they win.

He is the final fighter V must face in Beat on the Brat. Viktor Vektor tells V that Razor is near undefeatable due to his augmentations but has one weakness, Razor had his abdominal muscles swapped out and they have not completely settled in.

If V loses: Razor showed there could be sore winners, and teased V about their loss.

If V wins: Razor became furious about losing and got into a heated conversation with his manager where he proceeded to then lose his sponsorships as well. He will warn V that it is not over between them.

Associated Quests[]


Type Products
Cyberware Sandevistan Mk. 1, Kerenzikov, Subdermal Armor[3]
Abilities Break Hold, Charge Jump[3]


  • He is incorrectly referred to as "Razor Hughes" several times.



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