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Raymond Chandler Evening is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077 given by Pepe Najarro. Pepe suspects his wife Cynthia is cheating on him and asks V to investigate.


This quest begins when you enter the Coyote Cojo. Two Valentinos will be harassing a drunk corpo who is passed out at one of the tables. Pepe tells them to stop, and asks you to intervene. The Streetkid background has an additional dialogue option to convince them that Mama Welles wouldn't take kindly to blood in her bar.

After dealing with the gangoons, either by convincing them to back off or engaging in combat with them, the corpo will pay you for defending him before passing out again. Pepe offers you a free drink and a job: to find out with whom his wife is cheating on him. Leave the bar and head right (northeast) down the road; as soon as you leave the bar, Johnny begins his narration.

Identify Cynthia, but do not follow too close, as doing so will alert her and the quest will fail (15m will trigger a warning from Johnny). She will head down the road and enter a building where, upon entering, she can be heard arguing with a man. Confront Cynthia and the occupant, and you will have the option to say "Doesn't matter. I've seen enough", which ends the dialogue and quest.

Alternatively, you have the option to hear Cynthia out. She will reveal that the man is not a lover but her ripperdoc. She elaborates that her entire physical appearance is artificial, being the result of implants.

At this point, you must leave the building and call Pepe. There are two options: tell him the truth or that he must talk to Cynthia himself. If you tell the truth, Pepe will be shocked and upset over his wife lying to him for so long. You can either tell him that he has a right to feel cheated, or that Cynthia loves him and that he shouldn't give up on their marriage. Either way, Pepe will pay you and the quest will end.

If the player told Pepe to save their marriage, Cynthia will contact you by holo a day or two after the quest, thanking you and sending you another 2210€$ beyond the payment from Pepe. Otherwise, Cynthia will be disappointed in your actions, telling you that Pepe threw her out and she's now living on the streets.

Journal Entry[]

Usually it's the customers spillin' the ugly personal stories to the bartender, yet there we were, seeing it the other way around. Pepe thinks his wife is cheating on him and he's looking for someone to confirm his worst suspicions. Classic. A cuckold, a beautiful woman, a city shrouded in darkness... Get the feeling I've read this story before.


  • Find out what's going on.
  • Decide whether to intervene.

  • If you fight the thugs:
    • Defeat the gangoons.
  • Talk to the corpo. (Optional)
  • Talk to Pepe.
  • Go to the area where Pepe's wife works during the day.
  • Scan and identify Pepe's wife.
  • Follow Pepe's wife from a safe distance.
  • Follow Pepe's wife into the building.
  • Find Pepe's wife.
  • Talk to Cynthia.
  • Leave the building.
  • Call Pepe.
  • Inform Pepe of your findings.


  • Job can fail if ignored too long. (confirmed, after picking up the quest it spontaneously failed after being ignored for around 70 real world hours.)
  • Job can also fail if you choose to let Joseph get beaten up via dialogue option.


  • This job is named after the song "Raymond Chandler Evening" by British songwriter Robyn Hitchcock. The song itself is an homage to Raymond Chandler, a famous American-British detective novelist. Johnny Silverhand narrates this job in classic detective noir style as an additional homage to Chandler.