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Boasts a rip-roaring engine - making it the most powerful, street-legal car allowed on Night City roads. And perhaps the best-looking, too.

— Caliburn, Cyberpunk 2077

The Caliburn is a vehicle manufactured by Rayfield in Cyberpunk 2077.


The car so far has been seen to be available in white, black, blue and red. Like many of other Rayfield's vehicles, it features a CrystalDome windshield, which provides privacy for the passengers when being viewed from the exterior of the car. Additionally, it sports Rayfield's signature CrystalCoat technology, which allows the driver to temporarily recolor the primary and secondary body colors of the vehicle while it's running to whatever they desire, which replaces the physical paint coat while the system is active. [1]

Database Entry[]

Rayfield Caliburn


The rich can be capricious. The dignified design of Rayfield's flagship vehicle, the Aerondight, doesn't appeal to everyone. Some prefer an equal level of luxury but with a feistier flare. Rayfield developed the Caliburn with these clients in mind. Imbued with a sportier soul and crafted with fire-breathing engine and aerodynamic body, driving the Caliburn feels like flying a jet at ground level. And whenever the driver wants to come down from their adrenaline high, they need only let go of the steering wheel to let the onboard navigational computer take control.[1]


It can be acquired from the AUTOFIXER netpage for €$135,000 at 50 Street Cred.

Rayfield Caliburn V Message CP2077

Known owners[]


  • The Caliburn is the fastest drivable vehicle in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Despite the Caliburn being developed at a later time than the Aerondight, the dates seen in the cars point to the contrary.[2]
  • The only main update in the design of the Caliburn since its conception was the headlights, changing them into one central light.[3]
  • Prior to Patch 1.5 it cost €$157,000. And before Patch 2.0 it cost €$127,000.
  • Prior to the introduction of AUTOFIXER, Dino Dinovic sold the car via a text message: "Yo yo, V. Got some eddies to burn? Maybe, I dunno, you'd consider buying a Caliburn? You heard right - A FUCKING CALIBURN! Beautiful machine, a downright work of art. If I could, I'd make love to this thing. Used to belong to Cytech's CEO, but the gonk sold it cuz apparently, and I quote, "Only poor people drive two year-old cars." Shit, I wish everyone could be poor by that definition. I just hope this Caliburn gets a loving owner, cuz she deserves it. If you're interested, lemme know."


  • The Caliburn's engine sound was recorded from a Lexus LFA in real life.[4]
  • Caliburn is another name for Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur.