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Disambig This article is about the FBC in Cyberpunk 2020. For the FBC in Cyberpunk RED, see Raven Microcybernetics Gemini (RED).

Full Body Conversions have a multitude of advantages: superhuman strength, speed, and durability, heightened reflexes, the ability to alter the body at will and even an increased lifespan. However, being a Full Borg sets you apart. Society brands you as a "Metalhead," and people treat you like a robot, no matter how you behave, people will tend to treat you like a robot. So, if you want the advantages of a full conversion without the societal baggage, Gemini is the package for you.

The Gemini cybersystem is a full-conversion that simulates the human body in both form and function. Its chassis is designed in a similar manner to the human skeletal structure, and its myomar muscle system is arranged to physically mimic the human musculature. With this carefully-tailored layout, the Gemini cleverly imitates the anatomy of a normal person without sacrificing the superior capabilities for which full body conversions are so well-known. To complete the effect, Gemini's entire surface is covered with ExoDerm®, a synthetic surface which looks and feels almost exactly like human skin (assorted skin tones, textures and hairstyles are available).

The Gemini's capability to pass for a normal human is impressive. Its built-in "Pinocchio" sub-processor automatically maintains body temperature (through the use of a heating system integrated into the ExoDerm®), expands and contracts the upper torso to create the illusion of breathing, and even blinks the eyes occasionally. What's more, the entire body is composed of lightweight carbon-carbon synthetics and other composite materials, resulting in a mere 10-pound deviation from the average weight for a similar-size person. However, it should be kept in mind that ExoDerm® can be cut, punctured, and burnt as easily as real skin. (Although it does not bleed!)

It is a Nearly Impossible (Diff 30) Awareness roll to determine that a Gemini is a Full Borg through any of the five senses. However, a Thermograph sensor, a highly sensitive Radar scanner, a Scanman™ or similar material-sensitive detectors will reveal the Gemini's true nature. The apparent Body Type can be chosen (Average, Strong or Very Strong) without affecting the true strength of the Borg. However, the actual BOD cannot be boosted, nor can additional SDP or SP be added (the ExoDerm® already integrates a high-density "skinweave"); if the ExoDerm@ becomes damaged, it must be "patched' by a competent Cybertechnician.

As an option, Gemini can be equipped with an added "disguise" feature, wherein tiny microsurfaces can be used to change the cyborg's facial features, and a chemskin-type modification to the ExoDerm® allows the skin tone to be altered at will. This is a popular option for infiltration and espionage, roles to which the Gemini cybersystem is well-suited.[1]

Gemini Physical Stats
Reflex: 10
Attractiveness: 2-10 (This can be chosen by the purchaser)
Movement Allowance: 10
M/turn: 30m MPH: 20mph
Jump (up): 6m (broad): 8m
Body: 12
Lift: 480kg Throw: 120m
Damage Mod: +4
Punch: 1D6+4 Kick: 2D6+4
Physical Structure
SP: 25
SDP: 20 (disabled), 30 (destoryed)
Options (Optic): 4 & 4
Options (Audio) 6
Right Arm w/ Hand Torso Left Arm w/ Hand
SP: 25 SP: 25 SP: 25
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 30/40 SDP: 20/30
Options: 1 Options: 2 Options: 1
Right Leg w/ Foot Left Leg w/ Foot
SP: 25 SP: 25
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 20/30
Options: 1 Options: 1

Option Packages[]

Sensor Options:[]

None Installed[1]

Weapons Subsystems:[]

None Installed[1]

Other Options:[]

Sexual Implant - Treat as a Mr. Studd or Midnight Lady. Can't pass for a human being without one of these! (HC2)

"Disguise" Option - This allows the cyborg to alter its skin tone and facial features, effectively adding +5 to any Disguise roll. This is not a standard feature, but can be purchased for 1000eb (HC2)

Humanity Cost: 16D6+2 (+2 for Disguise Feature)[1]