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Raven Microcybernetics is a corporation dedicated to the cyberware business. Its headquarters are found in Night City. Raven Microcyb was once the main American manufacturer of cyberware, wetware and cybernetic electronics, and were known for always surfing the cutting edge of cybertechnology.[1] By 2045, however, it had been surpassed by Rocklin Augmentics.[2]


Today, Raven Microcyb is the premier American manufacturer of cyberware, wetware and cybernetic electronics. They are well known for always surfing the cutting edge of cybertechnology, and are generally well-respected for their quality-control and modesty (their offices never bear giant, imposing logos-only a modest sign above the entrance). Being heavily involved in sensitive research and development projects, RMC is a very security-conscious company- they are ranked as a Security Level-4 Maximum Security organization in Arasaka's Almanac of Corporate Espionage (2020 edition). In terms of public image, Raven Microcyb is recognized not so much by its corporate policy as by its "shelf presence;" they are world-renowned for producing high-quality cyberware, full-body conversions, electronics, netware and ACPA components.

Stock market and business trends analysts and expert systems have generally concurred that Raven Microcybernetics Corporation IS Dr. Corvus Crowe; the corporation's policies mirror his own personality, its products echo the Doctors own areas of expertise, and fluctuations in RMC stock have even been theoretically reflected in Dr. Crowe's health. According to most experts, there is no other company of such size which is so tightly tied to one man.[3]


The first years of the 21st century brought about the collapse of America. It was during this time that many of the 20th century's corporate superpowers fell; GE, Beatrice and Columbia Entertainment were just a few of the casualties. However, amid the attendant chaos of the Wasting Plague, the Food Crash, the 2nd Central American Conflict and the First and Second Corporate Wars, a brilliant scientist by the name of Dr. Corvus Crowe rose to fame and fortune. Having completed his doctorate at nineteen, he spent his early twenties working under Janice Grubb as a software engineer for Kenjiri Technologies when they were developing the first Net interface algorithms.

He left the project before it was finished (for unknown reasons) and went on to become one of the founders of BioDyne Systems, the corporation credited with creating the first viable cyberlimbs. As one of the few members of the "BioDyne Seven" who had a head for business, Dr. Crowe bought out several fragmented post-Collapse corporate holdings. In 2009, while BioDyne Systems was going bankrupt, Raven Microcybernetics was declared an official corporate entity. Later that year, BioDyne became another property of the investment group formed by Dr. Crowe, whose new corporation embarked on a meteoric rise to American industry's top twenty.[3]

Allies & Enemies

Raven Microcyb, being at the top of the American cybernetics heap, is not well-liked by cyberware companies in the US or the EEC; the large Eurocorps especially despise RMC, perceiving them as a presumptuous, mongrel corporation. Space-based corporations also antagonize RMC, whose vested interest in space is seen as threatening. Because of these conditions, Raven can count International Electric, Militech Cybernetics International, Utopian Corporation, Dynalar and Adrek Robotics among their enemies.

Orbital Air is RMCs most powerful corporate ally- Raven's constant patronage due to their large investment in space has ensured their support. and has even led to their co-development of the Warrior and Crusader ACPA chassis. Mitsubishi/Koridansu, being the premier manufacturer of space habitats, are also on very good terms with Raven MicroCyb; as one of the most powerful zaibatsu in Japan, they have done a great deal to open up the Pacific Rim to Raven's products.

RMC is particularly friendly with Tsunami Design Bureau who provide for much of Raven's small arms needs and also does business with Klein Cyberoptics, Interface Engineering, Advanced Cyberpolymer Research, Logan Engineering and several semi underground operations, including Slamdance Incorporated, Urban Technologies and even, some say, the Autojoks.[3]


RMC is headquartered in the world-famous Corporate Center of Night City, but their industrial manufacturing plants are disbursed throughout the globe, with most facilities located in the industrial parks on city outskirts. Raven also owns three orbital workshacks, but they rely on Orbital Air for space transport. Each of RMC's regional offices includes a surgery-capable infirmary, a general store, sleeping quarters and an AI which handles administration and security duties. Each office is protected by top-security locks, fatal traps, constantly-checked monitor cameras & IR sensors, mobile robotic guard systems (usually WADs), 7-15 man patrols of special combat troops (elite solos and full 'borgs) and services combat-ready vehicles up to AV-6 and ACPA threat-levels. All Raven Microcyb Data Fortresses appear as a translucent cybernetic arm rising up out of the grid; perched upon the open, upturned hand is a black raven with glowing eyes. Raven's dataforts are secured by black programs and 24-hour sysop guardposts.[3]

Notable People


  • Chair: Dr. Corvus Crowe
  • Trustees: 13
  • CEO: Mr. Roman Fellini

Board of Directors

  • President: Dr. Clarence Jordan
  • VP R&D: Mrs. Susan Onizawa
  • VP Overseas: Ms. Chingmy Siao
  • VP Orbital: Mr. Faustus Svankmajer
  • VP Defense: Col. Marlen Cage


Raven Microcyb employees are paid competitively, but not outstandingly. Instead, they receive exceptional benefits: all employees have a dental plan, health insurance, Trauma Team coverage, a retirement plan, healthy amounts of vacation time, discounts on Raven cyberware and Orbital Air flights, and a wide variety of on-the-job and after-hours training programs are offered. Raven's dress code requires that all employees must dress in black. Gray is also allowed, as are small accents of white, red or gold. Executives wear black suits, technicians wear black jumpsuits, and security personnel wear black uniforms. In general, Raven offers a total way of life for its employees: style, attitude and support structure are all provided.[3]

Products Line-Up 2020

Type Products
Equipment Cybercam EX-1,[4] Interface Monitor,[5] "Tripod" Waldo Set,[5] "Spider" MicroWaldo Bracer,[5] Net-Vision IG-Algorithm Glasses,[6] Mitsu/R.M.C Hybrid Wearable Computer,[6][7]
Cyberware Gyro-Stabillizer,[4] Supercompact Braindance Recorder,[5] Rebreathers,[4] Enhance Lung (collab with Bodyweight),[8] R.M.C Advanced Biomonitoring System,[9]
Cyberdecks Rook,[5] Eagle,[5] Kestrel,[5] Owl[5]
Full-Body Conversion Gemini[6]

Products Line-Up 2077

Type Products
Cyberdeck Raven Microcyber Mk.4


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