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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the sub-district in Cyberpunk 2077. For other uses, see Rancho Coronado (disambiguation).

Rancho Coronado is a sub-district of Santo Domingo in Cyberpunk 2077.


Rancho Coronado appears as a self-sufficient town with Night City. The corporations who own the Arroyo factories planned and advertised it as a place for their workers to live out the real American dream. Rancho Coronado consists almost solely of identical houses, reminiscent of the ones seen in mid twentieth century American suburbs.

The district has its own bars, shopping, school, park, restaurants, and even a metro station. Security is overseen by the 6th Street gang, since the NCPD is spread too thin to maintain over-watch on the suburbs. Residents of Rancho Coronado are primarily mid and high-ranking factory workers, and some corpos who were tired of Night City's lights and noise. Most of the people here work in Arroyo and don't need to leave Santo Domingo for their entire lives. Despite its Utopian concept, the neglect and disrepair can be clearly seen.[1]

Database Entry

Rancho Coronado

Some insist that Rancho Coronado is not a district of Night City, but in fact a little town situated at its edge. It could seem that way at first sight, with its identical townhouses reminiscent of the classic 20th century inner-city suburb, quaint stores, bars, a park, school and subway station. Sounds like the American dream, right? Well, that's exactly what the land and factory owners of Arroyo thought when they designed the neighborhood. Every building was intended for workers living near their respective plants. Corporations even made sure that Rancho Coronado had its own law enforcement, since the NCPD couldn't be relied on. Rancho Coronado now mostly houses middle and higher-ranking corporate employees from nearby factories and offices who wanted to get away from the city. Residents from other districts like to joke that it resembles more of a hamster cage - everyone in Rancho Coronado has everything they need in one place. You've got your wheel, your water, your food - what more could you ask for?[2]


Fast travel points

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Almunecar & Jerez
  • Dam Viewpoint
  • Kendal Park
  • Mallagra & Manzanita
  • Metro: Megabuilding H7
  • PieZ
  • Rancho Coronado East
  • Rancho Coronado North
  • Rancho Coronado South
  • San Amaro St

Behind the scenes

Tree-lined cul de sacs, backyard pools, red-tile roofs and a rocking chair on every porch: Rancho Coronado was supposed to have it all, the twentieth-century suburban dream recreated in a dried-up riverbed by the old Petrochem dam-cum-landfill on the edge of town. The glossy brochures wrote themselves: leave the meat-grinder of the city behind and live in a self-contained slice of paradise. You'll have shops, services and entertainment right in the neighborhood, and good jobs in the Arroyo factories next door. You'll never have to return to Night City proper again. The funding and will to actually achieve this vision never materialized. Rancho Coronado is a half-assed simulacrum of a suburb, a glorified shanty town slapped down on toxic soil next to a dump. Still, many are happy to live there. Its corporate owners pay for a private security force, so it's fairly safe. Tiny, cookie-cutter houses are no North Oak villas, but they sure beat the ratholes in Arroyo megabuildings. And while garbage AVs constantly spill trash on you, some of it you can fix up or sell.



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