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Disambig This article is about the suburb in Cyberpunk 2020. For other uses, see Rancho Coronado (disambiguation).

The Ultimate Beaverville, with all that the name implies.

— The Suburban Sprawls, Cyberpunk 2020

Rancho Coronado (also known as Section I) is a complex of beavervilles located south of Night City.

Rancho borders Heywood to the east, a small part of South Night City to the northeast, Pacifica to the west, and San Morro Bay to the north.


South of NC on Highway 126, Rancho Coronado extends for miles, consisting almost entirely of tract housing, interspersed with small, trendy mini-malls. While the security here doesn't have incredible amounts of fire power, what they lack in bullets, they make up for in viciousness. "RC-beaver" security is famous for its pit bull tenacity, making the area a very safe place to raise a family.

Mostly vast featureless subdivisions, Rancho Coronado is packed full of Arasaka, Petrochem, Biotechnica, WNS and EBM employees, all neatly slotted into rows of identical, small three-bedroom homes that reach towards the horizon. It's the kind of place that makes most edgerunners break out into a cold sweat just thinking about it.

Most of Rancho Coronado is walled by a twelve foot concrete barrier with an electrified, barbed wire fence extending another three feet above that. There are few main entrances around the perimeter of the RC development; two off of Highway 126, one leading to Del Coronado Bay, and two off of Highway 828 towards Heywood.[1][2]


NCART Stations[]

  • 133rd Street Station
  • Rancho Coronado Station




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