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Radio Free America is a media broadcasting corporation based out of Cuba.[citation needed]


Built on the ruins of EIB, TRVTH, and several other networks destroyed by the passage of the News Veracity Act, RFA operates out of Cuba and broadcasts from several locations using specially- equipped airplanes. These planes fly only within the national air- space of Mexico, Canada, and Cuba, blasting their bandwidth with all sorts of juicy tidbits. Naturally, the European governments go out of their way to make sure that no ISA planes happen to "stray" nearby and cause one of these flying pirate stations to suffer a "mishap."

Radio Free America is a popular station among those few Americans left who don't swallow the ISA line. Unfortunately, their signal is often jammed by ISA emplacements, so many can't hear it even if they want to. RFA broadcasts the real unvarnished truth, as they understand it. Since RFA isn't on any of the standard news services, they must rely on listeners and other interested parties, which therefore include a lot of radical hacks. Although RFA does a good job of weeding out the hysterical diatribes and gross slants, some off-base information still sneaks its way through. This is worsened by the fact that Radio Free America maintains a (counter) revolutionary tone to their broadcasts.

How to Contact[]

RFA is a very paranoid group, because the whole of the ISA superstructure would love to see them burn in Hell. Offhand, the only way known to contact them is to go to Cuba and talk with them face to face. There are other ways, I'm sure, because some of the RFA's field reporters call in stories from Midville ISA and broadcast live. That means there are covert operatives in the ISA who know how to call Radio Free America safely. Perhaps the best way to get the attention of these operatives is to build a repeater station tuned to RFA's frequency, shove it in a van, and drive it around bringing the light of non-propagandist broadcasting to a benighted country.

What They Do for You[]

They can get your news on the air. It won't reach many people around the country, but you can bet that those it reaches are the ones who want to hear. They need the morale booster.