Get ready to tour the Net with Rache Bartmoss, it's a ride you won't forget.

— David Ackerman

Rache Bartmoss' Guide to the Net, subtitled, The Cyberpunk Sourcebook for the global computer Net, is a sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020, and is written in-character by famed hacker Rache Bartmoss. It is one of two guides produced by Bartmoss, the other being Brainware Blowout.

The Guide to the Net is meant to give players a fully comprehensive guide to Netrunning on the global Net. As stated in the forward by author David Ackerman, it is not mean to serve as a rewrite of the core rules of Netrunning, but rather to expand what Netrunners are able to do and where they can go.

Included are detailed region maps of the Net as well as information on impenetrable Dataforts owned by Arasaka and new software and hardware options for Netrunners to use.

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ACKERMAN, D. Rache Bartmoss Guide to the Net. 1st ed. Berkeley CA; R.Talsorian Games In, 1993

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